Willing to break the "advisory" glass ceiling?

And make the necessary transition away from reliance on compliance services...?

Landmark's mission is to help you achieve this goal by providing you with the resources too promote cross-sales of advisory services and build a thriving lead generation pipeline.

LandmarkPD services are changing

Fee Builder, Spotlight and our Weekly Alerts are being combined into three new service options from 1 April 2024 under the ADVISORYXPRESS brand.

Present subscribers to Fee Builder have probably noticed that each monthly advisory campaign is enhanced by the use of a relevant Spotlight publication and accordingly, from the 1 April 2024, the resources presently made available as Fee Builder, Spotlight or Weekly Alerts will be combined and made available by subscribing to the AdvisoryXpress services showcased below.

If you simply want access to our advisory resources, AdvisoryDIY is your most cost effective option. If you would like to tap into our Kartra delivery system take a look at AdvisoryPlus. And finally, if you would ilke a full blown lead generation system as well as our resources, book a demo of our XpressGenerator offer.


Upgrade now to AdvisoryDIY before 31 March 2024 and save £705

Existing Fee Builder and Spotlight subscribers will be sent an upgrade discount code by email.

This service provides access to the monthly advisory campaign resources, the library of related publications and our weekly alerts.


Monthly + VAT *

* The discounted rate is only available to Fee Builder and Spotlight subscribers registered at 31 March 2024 and is available for one year, to 31 March 2025. After this discount period expires, the published subscription rate for this service will apply.

This service provides access to the AdvisoryDIY resources PLUS the use of our new delivery platform. This will enable you to implement the distribution of monthly advisory campaigns and weekly alerts to clients and prospects with minimal intervention on your part.


Monthly + VAT **

* Minimum contract term for AdvisoryPLUS is 6 months. Annual subscription available £2,970 + VAT (saving £594)

For firms that want ideas and resources to cross-sell advisory services, build a thriving prospect list and convert a regular stream of new clients, this service is for you. No need to reinvent the practice marketing wheel, we’ve done it all for you.


Monthly + VAT

It’s a collaboration

AdvisoryXpress™ is a collaboration between two qualified accountants with unique skillsets

Bob Edwards of Landmark - a publisher - and Steve Haworth of Altered State - a performance marketer - are qualified, both literally and by experience, to combine their insights in running accounting firms with modern methods of promotion.

Landmark has long been a publisher of technical, promotional and marketing content to accounting firms, whilst Altered State has been providing design, development and marketing services to businesses of all sizes since 2005.

The focus of both is to make it as easy as possible for the compliance-focused accounting firm to transition to providing advisory services.

Bob Edwards

Bob Edwards


Bob built and sold two accountancy practices from a standing start since he first acted for small business owners way back in the Thatcher period. He has witnessed 3-day weeks, numerous recessions and like all of us, the coronavirus disruption plus today’s rising inflation and wide-spread strikes.

Through all of this his prime motivation has been and remains, to improve client service; a quality that has served him well.


Steve Haworth


Steve is a non-practising UK Chartered Accountant. Having spent over 22 years in the accounting profession, running his own practice for over 14 years, he made a career move into online marketing to further his passion for design and advertising.

Steve now focuses on creating marketing systems and processes to make lead-generation simpler and more accessible.