Willing to break the "advisory" glass ceiling?

And make the necessary transition away from reliance on compliance services...?

Landmark's mission is to help you achieve this goal by providing you with advisory content on tap, through our Fee Builder and Spotlight product offerings.

At your pace, we will supply a consistent injection of marketing ideas, strategies, tips and tools - supported by client-relevant, re-brandable content and how-to implementation steps promoting advisory services.

Here's what our clients say...

Clare Weston

Accountants in Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire - Nunn Hayward LLP, Chartered Accountants UK

Every practice, large or small, that wants or needs ideas and resources to promote the value of their services to clients, prospects or staff, should tap into the Landmark Fee Builder service. It is a low-cost, high value resource that will save you hours of time writing your own material; well worth the monthly or quarterly investment.

Paul Miller

Cornish Accounting

During my 30 year career technology has always driven fee levels down . Today is no exception . Bob has looked at some innovative ways to generate additional fees.

Simon Dimblebee

Thain Wildbur

The ideas and strategies that the Landmark Fee Builder program have provided have made me think outside the box. Many are ideas that I would not have thought of in isolation.

...and here's why firms choose us...

we make marketing your practice work for you, and in a way that works for you


Our range of Services directly respond to the “WHAT” and “HOW” of Accountancy Practice Development.  Our clients subscribe monthly or quarterly and then follow a SIMPLE how-to guide in order to start extracting the value.

  • SAVE HOURS creating and writing your own development plans and resources. We do it all for you
  • SIMPLY rebrand/edit the client-help resources then email or post on Social Media (no copyright restrictions)
  • EASILY make the transition from compliance to advisory services (opt for a monthly or quarterly subscription
  • ACHIEVE RESULTS by merely implementing our plans - including asking OPEN questions of your clients. No enthusiastic salesperson skills required
  • HAVE THE ANSWERS and INFORMATION at your fingertips as you tap into our decades of experience and strong relationships with the UK-wide accountancy marketplace.


To identify which is the RIGHT solution for you CLICK ‘take a look’ for more information.

  • PROSPECT BUILDER – a progressive, quarterly process for winning and converting new prospects. (Brand New – launching in March 2023) take a look>>
  • FEE BUILDER – A chance to earn more; deliver more:  All you need to transition from pure Compliance to Advisory-led compliance OR to build on the advisory services you already deliver (launched February 2020. take a look>>
  • SPOTLIGHT – A library of circa 20+ publications – always up to date content – short and easy-read documents to help you promote client's tax and business development. The library is just one of our Advisory Content services take a look>>
  • CONTENT-ON-TAP – Content on tap - “such a time-saver".  Like magic, you get two-relevant client alerts and blog articles per week on subscription.  A bespoke add-on service is also available take a look>>
  • SHOP – All of the above work on a low-fee cost-effective subscription basis.  We also sell individual publications and resource packs from our online “Landmark Direct” shop. take a look>>

Wondering what holds Accountancy Practices back from developing? This makes an interesting read:

“Why Accountants struggle with marketing their firms”.

Written by our founder Bob Edwards, FCCA, it helps to provide a sense of the major concerns that block many from engaging with practice marketing – even those with in-house or outsourced marketing teams. Click HERE