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UK practitioners face unrelenting pressure to keep their clients compliant with a growing list of legislative demands.

Finding time for practice development, especially smaller firms, is a constant headache. Time, as we all know, is in limited supply.

If you would like to increase fees and profits take a look at the range of services showcased below.

Produced by accountants

Bob Edwards, our founder director, has a wealth of experience building and managing a number of practices. He specialises in using tax and innovative digital services as a means to build a practice.

Landmark has been created to corral this expertise and experience and make it available to practices in an accessible and affordable format.

Bob is available to discuss your practice development needs at any time. Call his mobile now: 07879 896073 or email


Standing still is not an option. Practice development - increasing cross-sales and new client appointments - is rather like walking up a down escalator; if you stand still you go backwards.

FEE BUILDER is a fully documented and supported program that works as long as you engage in the processes we recommend. There is no need to reinvent this particular wheel, we have done it for you.

Please take a look, discounts available for early-bird adopters.

We have created a standalone website where business owners and other taxpayers can share their concerns about UK tax issues. The site is called INSIDE STORY - and without offering advice - it provides a platform where taxpayers can get a glimpse of the "inside-story" on tax and access to a network of professional advisers.

See how your practice could benefit from joining the Tax Panel of this site and start to gather new prospects.

We provide easy to read alerts that you can send to clients pointing out opportunities and "bear traps" when legislation changes or deadlines approach.

The copy is written by our founder director Bob Edwards FCCA.

All you need to do is transfer the copy to an email template and send it to affected clients and prospects.

Join the growing list of practices that are replacing acres of text on their websites with accessible and entertaining videos.

Our Budget video is produced over-night and the relevant iFrame code and MP4 files are delivered to subscribers the day following the budget announcements.

Videos are branded for your practice and can be used to promote changes that offer either opportunities or issues to avoid.

We provide two draft blog articles per week, on a subscription basis, that can be adapted to post relevant and topical copy to your website.

Bob Edwards also provides one-off copy-writing projects for professional firms.

If you need original and bespoke copy for your practice take a look...  

If you need help you may find practical support on this page.

Areas of concern include: the anti-money laundering regulations, practice marketing support and numerous, specialist tax issues.

Use this resource if you need a second opinion or hands-on support with a complex client service matter.

A complete GDPR solution for Accountants - designed by accountants for accountants.

Designed and developed in association with GDPR Auditing Ltd, specialist advisors on all matters that cover GDPR and other data protection legislation in the UK.

Much of the work required has already been added for accountancy practices and built into our GDPR compliance Workbook.

Are you interested in increasing cross-sales and prospect conversions?


Download our Fee Builder “Getting started guide” that will outline our low-cost process for achieving these goals.