Want to develop your practice but can't find the time, budget, ideas or resources to make a start?

Or, have you invested in marketing support but need new ideas and resources to make progress?

Whichever applies, we can offer a solution

None of our services will break the bank, but they will require that you make use of the material we provide.

When implemented, even if you decide on a low-key approach, you will achieve a positive return on your investment.

But, if you are wedded to the notion that you have no time or no budget or no need to convert to advisory-led services, increase cross-sales or convert more prospects, then what we offer is not for you.

However, if you want to make a start on the development path, we can help. If you would like a regular source of ideas and resources to feed into your present in-house or outsourced marketing team, we can help. Take a look at the brief summary of what we offer laid out below and join the growing band of engaged professionals who are already opening up their practices to new ideas and creating new opportunities, for themselves and their clients.


Monthly Plan - £55 per month

If you have staff or outsourced support to process marketing campaigns, the monthly option will provide new ideas, saving time and allowing you to dive straight into the implementation phase. Simply re-brand the material we provide and feed it into your existing programs.

Quarterly plan - £75 per quarter

For firms that are new to marketing, we can slow down the delivery of new material to one campaign initiative per quarter and provide various levels of implementation support, if required.

A BONUS: Weekly client alerts

With both plans, subscribers will receive a copy of our weekly alerts. Updates for clients on key issues.

Businesswoman building a growing financial chart with wooden pieces, she is adding the last block, development and strategy concept

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Do you have access to either in-house or outsourced marketing resources?

Answer NO if you are new to marketing and would prefer a gradual introduction to marketing your practice, our quarterly delivery option.

Answer YES if you have in-house or outsourced staff and would like a monthly injection of new ideas and implementation resources.

A subscription to Spotlight will provide you with access to 23 fact sheets that you can use to update clients and prospects on current, relevant tax and business development issues. New titles will be added each year and existing titles updated for year end tax changes.

Each fact sheet is provided in a Word format that can be branded with your logo and contact details. There are no copyright restrictions.

We have also created a booklet that includes these fact-sheets as chapters. An ideal give-a-way to promote your practice to new prospects and clients.

We provide two draft blog articles per week, on a subscription basis, that can be adapted to post relevant and topical copy to your website.

Bob Edwards also provides one-off copy-writing projects for professional firms.

If you need original and bespoke copy for your practice take a look...  

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