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We provide resources for practices with or without in-house marketing staff (or access to outsourced support)

Smaller practices with no internal or external marketing support face different challenges to firms with in-house marketing staff or access to outsourced agencies.

With this in mind we have split the information pages on this site that provide details of our key services:

  • Fee Builder
  • Spotlight, and
  • Blog content

If you are starting out in practice with  a few clients or building a multi-partner practice with a considerable client base, the resources we have created will help you broaden the range of services offered to clients - increasing cross-sales and new client acquisitions, and by making the transition from pure compliance to advisory-led compliance services.


Standing still is not an option. Practice development - increasing cross-sales and new client appointments - is rather like walking up a down escalator; if you stand still, you go backwards.

FEE BUILDER is a fully documented and supported program that works if you engage in the processes, follow each project to-do list. There is no need to reinvent this particular wheel, we have done it for you.

Please take a look, low-cost monthly subscription, no advance notice to cancel is required.

A subscription to Spotlight will provide you with 21 fact sheets that you can use to update clients and prospects on current, relevant tax and business development issues. New titles will be added each year and existing titles updated for year end tax changes.

We have also created a booklet that includes these 21 fact-sheets as chapters. An ideal give-a-way to promote your practice to new prospects and clients.

We provide two draft blog articles per week, on a subscription basis, that can be adapted to post relevant and topical copy to your website.

Bob Edwards also provides one-off copy-writing projects for professional firms.

If you need original and bespoke copy for your practice take a look...  

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