Did you miss our launch last week?

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Just in case you missed my launch post last week – away with the family for half-term – this is a repeat for your benefit.

A GDPR compliance solution for accountants

I have launched a GDPR compliance solution for accountants, essentially a Workbook that when completed provides evidence that you have covered the bases necessary for you to consider your firm compliant with the GDPR, and various other documents and downloads to deal with your obligations under the GDPR.

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I am using the same Workbook to achieve the desired result for my practice the Swan Partnership. I am not going to rush the project, I intend to complete one step of the 12 step process each week, in this way I will have the job done before the 25 May 2018 deadline.

Progress is being documented on this blog.

I should stress that you will need to buy the Workbook to make sense of my commentary.

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GDPR compliance Workbook now available

GDPR assessment for accountants

The GDPR Workbook and other information guides that I have written in conjunction with GDPR specialists GDPR Auditing Ltd are available to order from the Landmark site today.

In order to achieve compliance you will need to invest time, but I have completed much of this work for you by pre-filling records with information that applies to all accountancy practices.

Order your GDPR Workbook now

The initial investment required to acquire a license for the Workbook and access the guides is £600 plus VAT. Order a copy now.

If you want to have your Workbook verified, or outsource the entire process, or to see the full range of options available, visit Landmark’s information page.

Get ahead of the game, do not sit on the fence.

This new compliance chore for accountants and their clients cannot be ignored. Apart from the fines that can be levied for non-compliance, practitioners will find themselves side-lined by businesses that will only deal with GDPR firms from 25 May 2018.


Imminent launch of GDPR solutions for accountants

GDPR compliance for accountants

Launch date GDPR Self-assessment for accountants

We are aiming to confirm the launch of our GDPR services for accountants shortly.

As I indicated last week, I have been working with Philip Mather and Vakis Paraskeva of GDPR Auditing Ltd to create an effective GDPR compliance tool for UK accountancy firms. I have pre-filled a good deal of the admin detail required by the process, based on my understanding of our profession. This should make your task that much easier.

The nub of the service is a Workbook, that when completed, will contain the evidence you are required to keep in order to stay compliant. Additionally, you will have access to an advisory knowledge base that will be continuously updated and keep you abreast of changes in legislation or the application thereof.

Why you should sit up and take notice?

Doing nothing is not an option. You may be fined if you are found to be in breach of the GDPR, but for accountants, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You also are at risk of:

  • losing clients who need their accountant to be GDPR compliant, they are, after all, sharing their personal data with you; and you
  • will need to find alternative outsourcing partners if your present suppliers cannot demonstrate they are also GDPR compliant. This should be of immediate concern if you send clients’ data overseas for analysis.
How much is this going to cost me?

The GDPR workbook will be available for £600 plus VAT. There are additional services we will be offering if you want us to verify that your workbook has been completed correctly, or if you would like to outsource the complete process – we would do all the work for you.

If you would like to see what we will be offering in more detail see our pre-launch information page here.

Or you can email Bob Edwards of Landmark at bob@landmarkpd.co.uk.

Xero users take note

I am relaunching my Xero add-on, Scoop, today.

Scoop will help you manage your clients’ Xero data more efficiently. By linking multiple clients’ data to Scoop you can view a diagnostic overview on one screen, no more toggling between data sets. Additionally, Scoop will enable you to:

  • Identify clients that may need to register for VAT – and therefore by affected by MTD from April 2019.
  • Record notes and setup alerts
  • Keep an eye on posting activity
  • Identify clients in need of your help

Once you have linked a client to Scoop (takes just a few seconds) we automatically update the data feed on a daily basis and so every time you open Scoop you are looking at real-time numbers.

View practice wide Xero results for all linked clients on our unique report grid

Build a permanent record of past problems and how they have been solved

By drilling down to our Client Review page, you can view a detailed P&L and Balance Sheet. You can also add notes and alerts that will build into a review diary for each client and remind your partners and staff to complete future review tasks. Over time this facility, to add notes, will ensure that past actions, problems and solutions are fully documented so that changes in staff do not mean their experience and actions are lost.

60 day complimentary use – launch offer

I am offering subscribers to my Weekly Insights list free use of Scoop for 60 days – this extended offer is subject to demand and is unlikely to extend beyond the end of this month.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER HERE or view dedicated website for more information. To claim your 60 days free period simply enter the launch offer code SMT9X at the bottom of the order form.

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Bob Edwards





GDPR Self-assessment for accountants

GDPR assessment for accountants

GDPR Self-assessment for accountants

A new service that will provide you with the tools and information to comply with the GDPR regulations.

For the last six months I have been working with Philip Mather and Vakis Paraskeva of GDPR Auditing Ltd to create an effective GDPR compliance tool for UK accountancy firms.

I am pleased to announce that the collaboration is nearing completion and we should be ready to launch our GDPR Self-assessment services for accountancy firms later this month. This is much more than information about the GDPR, it is a comprehensive workbook and access to an advisory knowledge base that will be continuously updated.

If you would like to see what we will be offering, follow this link.

The various options should be available for practitioners to choose their subscription option in 14 days (19 February 2018).