2018-19 video content for your website


I have just produced the April 2018 video in our TaxBox series. The title is Taxing Times and it highlights a number of tax and associated changes that will affect clients during 2018-19.

Do you have video content on your website?

An increasing number of progressive firms are starting to use video content on their websites. According to those in the know, visitors are much more likely to stay on your site if you provide something relevant they can watch and listen to, rather than having to read acres of text.

Can I see the video?

Yes you can… The generic version, without your logo and contact details on the opening and closing stills can be viewed here. Just click the play button. Don’t forget to turn the sound on…


What other topics will you be covering this year?

Our video topics for 2018-19 are:

  • Taxing Times 2018-19 published next month April 2018.
  • Extracting funds from your company (July 2018)
  • Setting up a new business (October 2018)
  • Are you ready for Making Tax Digital? (January 2019)

How much does it cost?

TaxBox is a subscription service. Each quarterly video is available in two formats:

  • A generic version for £195 plus VAT per quarter, and
  • A branded version for £260 plus VAT per quarter

TaxBox is a quarterly contract, so no long-term tie-ins.

Like free access to the Taxing Times video?

If you sign up to a TaxBox subscription before 1 April 2018, in the next three days, I will produce a branded version of the Taxing Times video for your practice at no charge. All you have to do is take out a subscription and you will not be required to make a payment until the July 2018 video is released.

Place your order here.

This offer is only open open for three days.



See ourselves…

video content for accountant websites

I believe that the ability to see ourselves as others see us, is wishful thinking as we are condemned to our subjective viewpoint.

Why is this of interest?

If accountants are not viewed by non-accountants in quite the same way as we view ourselves, how can this realisation be of value?

When I first produced video content for accountants I was keen to shape the video presentation based on the comments I received from professionals as part of my market research. I realise now that the videos are intended to anchor visitors to your website and so the opinion of non-professionals is probably of more interest.

What do your website visitors want?

Accountants are driven to look professional and appear to be well informed. Accordingly, I shaped my initial video offerings based on those criteria.

When I later approached non-accountants for an opinion, they were much more interested in bullet points (lack of informed detail) and the entertainment value of the presentation (how did it look). In other words, your site visitors, when accessing video content, want to be visually entertained.

TaxBox has been restyled

I discussed my findings with our video techies and they were very happy to restyle. The video embedded in this post shows you the new look applied to our January 2018 tax planning reminder video for 2017-18.



Like to add similar videos to your website?

Take a look at our TaxBox service

We create quarterly videos, on topical issues, at a reasonable price, and with the new styling, will provide an entertaining counterpoint to the endless pages of script and static images.

I am confident that video content is the way to go, and so I am prepared to offer new subscribers, those that sign up before the end of March 2018, free access to the next video “Taxing Times 2018-19” a visual presentation of key issues for this coming tax year including:

  • Salary sacrifice
  • Regional variations in taxation
  • Company profit withdrawal options
  • GDPR, and
  • Making Tax Digital

Complete our standard subscriber signup form and you will not be billed for your first video to be released in the first week of April.

We offer two levels of subscription:

  • TaxBox BASIC – generic versions with no practice branding, or
  • TaxBox PLUS – opening stills have your logo and closing stills have your logo and contact details.

Be sure to tick the appropriate box on the order form.

Taxing Times – stay ahead of tax code changes


I think I can safely assume that you are keeping abreast of changes in the tax code, so I don’t need to labour these changes in great detail on this blog or in the various publications that I offer on the Landmark site.

What I have decided to do for 2018-19, is to focus on how you can take advantage of tax developments to create new “tax products” for your practice, and hopefully, increase your income.

What is Taxing Times?

Taxing Times is my working brand for this new service. I am going to write a booklet that covers a number of key areas of tax advice that I feel offer opportunities to further develop existing tax advice, and create new tax service income streams. It will also bundle in all my regular support documentation – fact sheets, draft client email/letters etc. I am particularly keen to explore ways to create recurring tax services to replace more conventional compliance work that is gradually drifting away from our firms.

I need your help

At present, I am aiming to cover the following topics:

  • Salary sacrifice and BiKs
  • Company extraction strategies – salary v dividends v interest on loans v Biks v pension funding etc.
  • Incorporation v self employment
  • MTD
  • GDPR
  • Criminal Finances Act 2017
  • VAT status review
  • IHT planning reviews
  • Buy-to-let planning options
  • Capital Allowances
  • Furnished Holiday Lets annual review

Before I settle down to write this are there any more topics you would like me to cover? Just email your requests to bob@landmarkpd.co.uk

Please talk to me

contact by phone

I have had a number of conversations with practitioners during the past week and there does seem to be an awful lot of confusion about the GDPR, and more particularly, how it applies to accountants.

Still think the GDPR is something you can ignore?

If you have been following my blog the last few weeks you may have noticed that I have created a GDPR Workbook with specialist advisor GDPR Auditing Ltd. What we have produced is a road-map, it’s almost GDPR compliance by the numbers. I have pre-populated large sections of the workbook for you, all you will need to do is check to ensure that what I have added is relevant for your practice rather than research the detail from scratch.

Call me today 07879 896073

So, if you have misgivings about GDPR, or would like to discuss your options with me, I have cleared my desk to take your calls today. I will keep my mobile with me (and switched on) give me a call: 07879 896073. If you can’t get through leave a message or email bob@landmarkpd.co.uk and I will call you back.