One month to go, are you compliant?

GDPR assessment for accountants

Seems appropriate to post a reminder to my lists today. For those practitioners who have not yet bitten the bullet, and frankly are not sure what they need to do, take a look at the GDPR Workbook and online guides that I have created with GDPR Auditing Ltd.

I have prepopulated much of the detail required as a good deal of the data we collect is common to most practices.

Isn’t this more red-tape?

Perhaps, but it is a legal obligation. And fairly soon, we will all be receiving emails from clients that are GDPR savvy asking us to confirm that we are compliant – if you cannot confirm, clients may well be obliged to find an adviser who is…


GDPR – the real threat to professional firms

GDPR assessment for accountants

This is an article I wrote for ACCA’s In Practice publication, (to be included in the April 2018 edition).

The real threat of GDPR non-compliance is loss of business

With just under two months to the 25 May 2018, the GDPR compliance deadline, I suggest that practitioners who have not yet tackled the thorny issues raised by the new regulations make a start.

Much has been written in summary format about the practical steps required to achieve compliance; having applied myself to the task for my own small practice, I can report that this is not a process for the faint-hearted.

But this article is not about the detailed work you will need to complete, it is about the real threat to your practice if you don’t become GDPR compliant.

The GDPR aims to protect the rights of individuals to manage the way that third parties acquire, retain and disseminate their personal data. All businesses in the UK are required to comply. Publicity regarding the GDPR has tended to stress the financial penalties if organisation abuse these new regulations and rights. It occurs to me that there is a much bigger threat for practices, and their clients, to consider.

Your clients will also be affected by these changes, as will your suppliers and the numerous connections we all have in our supply chains. We will all need to become compliant. And when we share our personal data, or personal data under our direct management, we will need to know that the person or organisation that we are sharing the data with is also GDPR compliant.

If practitioners have not yet received a direct request from clients to confirm that the practice is GDPR compliant, they will do… And if you cannot provide assurance that you are compliant, clients will have no choice but to seek an alternative advisor who is…

How do you become compliant?

Bob Edwards has formed a joint venture with GDPR Auditing Ltd and they have created a GDPR Workbook and guides that will see practitioners through the labyrinth of tasks that need to be completed. You can see what they have created here or you can contact Bob by email at:

Much of the detail has already been pre-filled for you…

Complimentary access to our 2018-19 planning video


I have just produced the April 2018 video in our TaxBox series. The title is Taxing Times and it highlights a number of tax and associated changes that will affect clients during 2018-19.

Do you have video content on your website?

An increasing number of progressive firms are starting to use video content on their websites. According to those in the know, visitors are much more likely to stay on your site if you provide something relevant they can watch and listen to, rather than having to read acres of text.

Can I see the video?

Yes you can… The generic version, without your logo and contact details on the opening and closing stills can be viewed here. Just click the play button. Don’t forget to turn the sound on…


What other topics will you be covering this year?

Our video topics for 2018-19 are:

  • Taxing Times 2018-19 published April 2018.
  • Extracting funds from your company (July 2018)
  • Setting up a new business (October 2018)
  • Are you ready for Making Tax Digital? (January 2019)

How much does it cost?

TaxBox is a subscription service. Each quarterly video is available in two formats:

  • A generic version for £195 plus VAT per quarter, and
  • A branded version for £260 plus VAT per quarter

TaxBox is a quarterly contract, so no long-term tie-ins.

Extended free access to the Taxing Times video for 2018-19

I have extended the offer to provide you with a free copy of the April 2018 video to 10 April 2018, the publication date is 15 April 2018.  I will produce a branded version of the Taxing Times video for your practice at no charge. All you have to do is take out a subscription and you will not be required to make a payment until the July 2018 video is released.

Place your order here.

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Bob Edwards FCCA

3 April 2018