Life after the 25th

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Comments made recently by the ICO seem to suggest a light touch approach to enforcement of the GDPR following the 25th May deadline. Speculation that is not that helpful, as legally we need to get the work done.

Hopefully, being in-process – heading towards compliance – is better than a head-in-the-sand approach. And I am sure many of us will find ourselves in-progress as the deadline passes.

Ground rush

Personally speaking, the weeks have flown by since I started this GDPR journey, and I am grateful for the support of the directors of GDPR Auditing, Vakis and Phil, as they have provided the technical support and experience that is reflected in our joint venture Workbook and support material.

Continuing process

Unfortunately, the GDPR demands that we maintain compliance, it is a dynamic process. Once we are satisfied that we are compliant we will need to maintain that by a process of structured review.

Phone calls

I have spoken to more than one hundred practitioners in the last few weeks and many of these have elected to use our Workbook to record their steps towards compliance. Let’s hope there are no more “regulatory” issues in the pipeline.

Still wondering what approach to take re GDPR?

If you are still in limbo, trying to decide what action to take, call me and I’ll happily share my experiences to date, 07879 896073.

ACCA to promote our GDPR workbook

I submitted details of our GDPR workbook, guides and other documentation to the ACCA earlier in the year and I am pleased to report that they have formally agreed to promote the service to ACCA members in practice.

Members discount now available

If you are an ACCA member, and have not yet registered to use our workbook, please email me,, as I can now offer members of the ACCA a discount from our listed price. I will need to advise you of a discount code to add to your order form.

You can view details of the Workbook here.

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