Professionally written content for your website or blog

Bob Edwards, our founder director, writes two 300 word articles a week on topical tax and other business related issues and makes them available to subscribers. He also writes copy for firm's websites on a price per assignment basis.

Copy is written by our founder director Bob Edwards FCCA.

Our weekly blog content is delivered by email attachment direct to your mailbox.

The copy is deliberately non-technical and reflects our “easy-read” approach that makes the content more accessible to readers.

The blog copy service is provided on a monthly subscription basis. Other copywriting fees are agreed in advance.

Subscribers to the weekly blog content service are free to cancel at any time.

There are no copyright restrictions. Subscribers to the blog content service can, and should, edit the text to suit their practice culture and service provision.

No long-term tie-ins, if your priorities change you can cancel the subscription.

Saves time, you don’t have to research topics and write the basic copy.

To optimise Search Engine Optimisation benefits of the blog copy service we recommend that you edit the copy, albeit slightly, so that copy posted to your website has a unique footprint.


The weekly blog copy service costs £90 per month plus VAT.

Fees for other copywriting requirements are agreed prior to commencement.


Can I edit the copy?

All the documents we send you are open source – no copyright restrictions. You can change the copy to best represent your own preferences or those of your marketing agents. We recommend that you edit the copy, albeit slightly, so that copy posted to your website has a unique footprint.

Can I add content to my website?

Indeed, you can. Feel free to use any of the content. No restrictions.

Will I be locked into a long-term subscription?

Most definitely not. You can cancel your subscription with no notice required.

What sort of topics are covered?

We aim to cover announcements by government on tax or business related matters.

Topics covered during April/May 2018 included:

  • gift aid
  • the value of professional advice
  • late filing appeals
  • P11D reminders,
  • broadband issues
  • regional tax differences
  • expenses you can claim
  • exempt car benefits
  • removing your home address from Companies House records
  • online VAT fraud
  • one day cheque clearance
  • Child Benefit tax charge
  • stop the loan sharks and are you due a tax refund.