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… all firms [businesses] – not just those directly and immediately affected – should be undertaking a Brexit “health check”, and a broader test of existing business plans.
Source: British Chambers of Commerce website

62% of businesses haven’t prepared for Brexit
Source: a survey of 2,500 firms by British Chambers of Commerce

Are you engaging with clients on Brexit issues?

And if not, why not?
With so much happening next year, MTD, and existing compliance deadlines, there is a temptation to side-line Brexit and blame the politicians for any negative fallout. A big mistake, as we must be seen to be leading from the front, building and expanding advisory services and inspiring client confidence.

You are one of your clients most trusted advisors – so why are we not talking about Brexit?

How to meet the Brexit challenge

At a minimum you should be offering all business clients the following support:

EU importers and exporters – an impact assessment based on a no-deal or interim outcome.

Other businesses – a review of business fitness issues and the creation or revision of business plans for 2019-20 onwards.

Like to increase the roll-out of Brexit support to clients?

Bob Edwards has created a package of online tools, video and documentation that you can quickly adapt to speed up your roll-out of Brexit support services to clients.

The documentation listed below and relevant code will be made available to you on a secure dashboard. If the Brexit terms change, then these changes will be incorporated into edited material that will be uploaded to your dashboard. You will be advised if and when this happens.

There will be no additional charges for these revisions up to 29 March 2019. After this date we may offer an ongoing update service to make this material relevant to the post Brexit transitional phase.

Brexit planning resources on offer

A wealth of valuable content included

Interactive Brexit risk assessment tool for your website

When you become a subscriber to the Resource Centre, we will also provide you with the necessary code snippet to easily embed and display this useful interactive tool on your own website. The code will be uploaded to your dashboard on completion of your order.

This is a live version, give it a try...


A video that explains in simple terms how we may be affected by Brexit. We provide iFrame code linked to our Vimeo hosting account so you can feature the video directly on your website.

A branded version will be produced and sent to you within 7 to 14 days of receiving your order.

Brexit - update for practitioners

A discussion of the issues and services that firms can offer clients as we enter the Brexit transition from 29 March 2019.

Brexit – consequences for importers from the EU

A fact sheet that sets out key changes for clients that presently import goods from the EU.

Brexit – consequences for exporters to the EU

A fact sheet that sets out key changes for clients that presently export goods to the EU.

Brexit – get business-fit for the Brexit transition

A fact sheet setting out justification for improvements to  business fitness to ride out any downturn in economic activity following Brexit.

Brexit – for UK residents, businesses and expats

A fact sheet outlining the likely, long-term consequences for EU travel, EU employment, and other issues post 29 March 2019.

Brexit - Countdown for clients

A simple check list/to-do list outlining the necessary work that clients need to engage with prior to the Brexit deadline 29 March 2019.

Business fitness "audit" checklist for practitioners

A check list detailing work to consider to get clients business-fit for the Brexit transition. Concentrates on the sales cycle and optimising net assets.

Draft covering emails to clients

To save practitioners time, we have created a number of draft emails/letters that you can use to send information and fact sheets to clients.

Brexit - Countdown for practitioners

A check list outlining the work that practitioners can undertake on behalf of their clients prior to the Brexit deadline 29 March 2019.


Video only

£197 + VAT
  • Access to the code to enable you to embed the Brexit explainer video directly on your own website
  • Brexit Risk Assessment online tool to embed on your own website

Documents only

£297 + VAT
  • Access to our Brexit centre resource documents only
  • Brexit Risk Assessment online tool to embed on your own website

Please note that payment will be taken by Barclaycard before we are able to release your dashboard URL and access details.

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