Budget Box

Budget video update for clients and contacts – next day delivery.

Add a video to your website and Facebook page that provides an insightful summary of the most recent budget announcements - content focuses on issues of importance to small businesses, property owners and higher rate tax payers.

Professionally produced, animated video content.

Branded or generic versions available.

Script written by Bob Edwards on budget day.

The service is an annual subscription.

Video links are delivered by email.

Subscribers have access to a dashboard to download MP4 files.

Fees will be invoiced, and payment facilitated by GoCardless annually before each autumn budget.

The subscription can be cancelled at any time prior to one month before each budget day.

Video content is accessible and will more likely engage site visitors than written commentary.

Use our budget video to drive traffic to your website.

Video has SEO advantages, search engines like this medium.


This is the branded, Budget Box video for the Swan Partnership, provided the day following the Budget announcement, 29 October 2018.


We offer two levels of services, prices quoted are for each budget video supplied:

BudgetBox basic - £195 plus VAT
generic version, no practice branding -

BudgetBox plus - £260 plus VAT
topped and tailed with your practice logo and contact details

To secure your budget video complete our online reservation form now. No fees payable until budget day.


If I subscribe to the basic generic version, what do I get?

The generic version is the same content as the branded version, but without your practice logo and contact details. It is supplied as a link, or frame code, that your website managers will use to display the video on your website.

What extras do I get if I subscribe to the Plus version?

BudgetBox Plus has significant advantages as a marketing resource. The video has your practice logo and contact details added (topped and tailed) and we provide access to the video file (MP4). This file can be uploaded to other platforms, YouTube for example.

Where should I add the video content on my website?

Video content is best linked to your website home page. There is no point in burying the video inside your site as visitors will likely never see it. Use the content to grab the attention of site visitors and they may stay to see what else is on offer.

If I sign up now do I need to pay now?

No. Your payment for the service will be taken annually at on or about the autumn budget each year.

How can I cancel the service?

You can cancel at any time with one exception. We incur pre-production costs from one month before the announced budget date, during this period we cannot accept cancellations. Give notice to cancel by emailing Landmark.

Is the budget video the only video content you supply?

No, we have a further service, TaxBox, that supplies quarterly videos on a range of current tax and other relevant topics. See service details here.