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Your video looks great. We currently do a similar thing using video to interview our key tax advisors about major changes in the budget/Autumn Statement.

I think it’s the way forward. 

Alison Kemp, Business Director

“Budget Box is a great tool. We are regularly producing lengthy articles to articulate an opinion and the most pertinent changes for accountancy clients. Budget Box gives you the information you need to know in the mostly user-friendly format. No waiting around, or asking clients to trawl through 5,000 words. A snappy, helpful video package that will keep visitors on your website for longer, engage existing clients, establish you as an industry-leader and make the most of the associated SEO benefits by uploading the video to your own YouTube channel. This is the way Budget reporting is heading.”

Laura Pearce - Managing Director - 01763 274 674 -  - February 2017

Editor's comments

Every year I spend Budget day writing abridged summaries of the Chancellor's announcements for use in newsletters and to provide update material for professional websites. Whilst this is useful for keeping in touch with clients and prospects, whatever content you use on your website, will require site visitors to stop and read.

According to the pundits, site visitors are more likely to click on a video link, sit back, watch and listen, rather than wade through written material, so this year I thought I would try something different.

I will now add script writing to my CV as on Budget day from now on I will be writing an entertaining summary that will be animated in the style set out in the above video. The aim will be to highlight any issues in the Budget that would be of general interest to clients, particularly small business and property owner clients.

Please take a look at our Budget Box offering. it is excellent value for money and will help to distinguish your practice website from your competitors. The service will be restricted to a limited number of subscribers and although the content will be generic, each video will be topped and tailed with your logo and contact details. This is perfect material for promotion with social media, and easy to add to your website or Face Book pages.

Best regards,

Bob Edwards FCCA - Autumn 2017





This is the generic, unbranded version of the Autumn Budget update we prepared November 2017. The code was delivered to our subscribers the day following the budget announcements. If you would like similar content for the next Budget please click the SIGN UP NOW link below.

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All firms that register for this service will have a video link for their website by 9am, the day following the Budget announcements - next day delivery. The first 60 firms to register will also have access to a branded video (MP4 file and a hosted link) by close of business the same day (this branded video add-on offer will only apply to orders received 5 days before each Budget). Subscriptions will be date stamped, so the first firms to register will be the first to receive their video links and file.

Budget Box is a subscription service. We will continue to supply you with a branded budget video until you advise us that you no longer require the service. To be valid, a cancellation must be sent at least 30 days before the next, forthcoming Budget.

The cost is £260 plus VAT for each branded video supplied and £190 plus VAT for the generic version. This includes all the production costs and ongoing hosting, no additional costs. Compare this to the price for a bespoke video, with unique content, where the cost would likely be in excess of £1,500...

When you complete our order process, invoicing and payments will not be actioned until the next budget date. As part of the order process you will be directed to GoCardless to confirm your bank details (unless we already have this information on file): these will be used to take payment by direct debit. As soon as your video is released we will send you a link to the hosted file that you can pass to your website developer. We recommend that you place a copy in a prominent position on your website and Facebook page and use your social media resources to push traffic to the relevant online pages.



How soon after the budget will we get the link to our BudgetBox video? 18/01/2017

We are producing two versions of the video for the first 60 subscribers registered before budget day. The first is a generic version that can be linked to your website, this will be delivered on or before 9am on the day following each budget. Secondly, we are producing a branded version (topped and tailed with a logo and contact details), as a further hosted video and MP4 video file. This later version can be added to YouTube or other social media outlets. The first 60 firms to register will receive this branded version by close of business the day following the budget.

How do I order a copy of the next Budget video? 18/01/2017

Just fill in our order form - there are two links on this page. Once you are signed up we will automatically send you video links to subsequent budgets unless you have previously cancelled your subscription.

What are the service T & Cs? 18/01/2017

BudgetBox is a subscription service. We will continue to provide budget videos for as long as you wish. If you want to cancel your subscription you should email your instruction to - to be effective the email must reach us at least 30 days prior to the next Budget date.

How much does your budget video service cost? 18/01/2017

The cost per branded video, BudgetBox Plus, is £260 plus VAT. The generic version is £190 plus VAT.

How much would a bespoke video cost? 18/01/2017

The market rate for a video of similar size would be approximately £1,500. This would cover script writing, a professional voice over and the services of a production company. You would also have ongoing costs to host the video.