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The OTS proposes far-reaching tax changes

By Bob Edwards / 7th August 2018

I received a number of emails from the Gov.uk website earlier this month outlining proposals for far-reaching changes to various

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Are HMRC setting up as tax advisors?

By Bob Edwards / 21st September 2017

The following caught my attention today: Growing businesses to benefit from expert tax support A new service to directly help

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HMRC offering advice!

By Bob Edwards / 1st August 2017

Tax practitioners will be alarmed to hear that HMRC have set up a new online tax forum. Their press release

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Further notes on Finance Bill (No 2) 2017 resolutions

By Bob Edwards / 25th July 2017

Further guidance on the contents of the second finance bill for 2017 have been published on Gov.uk today. Download a

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Free software for MTD

By Bob Edwards / 20th July 2017

The terms of the software development agreement – that will drive the collaboration between developers and HMRC were published today.

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Clarity from HMRC…

By Bob Edwards / 14th July 2017

HMRC have published a list of the “washed-up” provisions in the March 2017 budget that will be reinstated when parliament

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Eureka, MTD deferred and more…

By Bob Edwards / 13th July 2017

I have spent most of this week helping my youngest daughter and her partner decorate, fix fences and gates, and

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OTS recommend simplifying corporation tax compliance

By Bob Edwards / 3rd July 2017

The long awaited OTS review of corporation tax has been published. Wide ranging reforms recommended, including: Small companies For the

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Salary sacrifice clarity from HMRC

By Bob Edwards / 29th June 2017

I’ve added a new phrase to my list of HMRC favourites this week, it’s “Optional remuneration arrangements” – a crossword

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OTS has released it’s annual report

By Bob Edwards / 26th June 2017

Can life get any easier? Yes, if the OTS continue to influence tax policy and practice.       Part

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Anti-money laundering measures are changing on 26 June.

By Bob Edwards / 26th June 2017

These notes are copied from a Gov.uk announcement today: On 26 June 2017 changes will be made to UK anti-money

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Scottish LLPs subject to new regulation

By Bob Edwards / 26th June 2017

New laws will force Scottish limited partnerships to disclose ownership and control information. Partnerships who fail to comply within 28

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Employment-related securities

By Bob Edwards / 26th June 2017

HMRC have published the latest version of their Employment related securities bulletin (June 2017). See list of contents below: Contents

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Software for smaller clients

By Bob Edwards / 26th June 2017

HMRC have kindly published a list of software vendors that they say offer solutions for micro traders. Apparently, some are

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The Queen’s speech

By Bob Edwards / 22nd June 2017

The Queen’s speech yesterday did not seem to include much about fiscal policy making. In the published “What it means for

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