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Ideas and insights into ways to enable your accountancy practice to increase income by developing and selling new services to clients

Sage words

By Bob Edwards / 27th April 2022

Nick Hixson, a long-standing collaborator, who has provided ideas and support as we have built LandmarkPD, sent me an inspiring

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Seek and solve

By Bob Edwards / 19th April 2022

Professionals tend to see themselves as solvers. Life is a never ending to-do list. As soon as one task is

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Business exit support

By Bob Edwards / 4th April 2022

The title, business exit support, infers that this is a service you would offer clients at the end of their

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Three key questions

By Bob Edwards / 13th March 2022

If you answer YES to any of the following questions you will likely benefit from LandmarkPD’s ideas and resources? Do

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Stepping out…

By Bob Edwards / 25th February 2022

Do you rely on referrals to grow your practice? Are you sitting in your office waiting for someone to call?

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Shatter the ‘advisory’ myth

By Bob Edwards / 18th February 2022

It is the perceived wisdom of many practitioners that clients are not amenable to paying for advisory services and just

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Whose back are you watching?

By Bob Edwards / 15th October 2021

Professional advisers have an obligation to keep their clients informed of changes in, or the application of, legislation; and by

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This is a great offer

By Bob Edwards / 30th September 2021

Is your firm interested in shifting from pure compliance towards advisory services, but hits a brick wall when you try

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Purposeful business planning

By Bob Edwards / 3rd September 2021

As a practitioner, I have many conversations with clients about the value of business planning. Over the years I have

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Unprofitable work

By Bob Edwards / 24th June 2021

According to the 80:20 rule, we are spending 80% of our time looking after the concerns of 20% of our

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Post COVID risk

By Bob Edwards / 11th June 2021

We like to believe that all our clients are worthy individuals who deliver information on time, are hungry and appreciative

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Thinking outside the box

By Bob Edwards / 1st April 2021

I am often asked for examples of how our Fee Builder client alerts and monthly marketing material can be used

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Changing the conversation

By Bob Edwards / 13th March 2021

During my calls with practitioners, the discussion often turns to the old chestnut, “My clients just want the basics –

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Life raft against blue sky

It doesn’t get much easier than this

By Bob Edwards / 28th February 2021

I am frequently quizzed by harassed practitioners, who can see the value in developing their practices, but have no idea

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No time for practice development?

By Bob Edwards / 18th February 2021

It may well be that you have no interest in developing your practice? We doubt this is true. What is

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