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Ideas and insights into ways to enable your accountancy practice to increase income by developing and selling new services to clients

What is Fee Builder?

By Bob Edwards / 2nd October 2020

Message from Landmark’s founder Bob Edwards FCCA: As a practitioner with more time at the coal-face than I can believe,

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Ethical concerns COVID related client fraud

By Bob Edwards / 23rd September 2020

Aside from my responsibilities as a director of Landmark I still have a small professional practice and I do have

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Welcome back – the power of a phone call

By Bob Edwards / 11th September 2020

When the CEO of a highly successful accountancy firm was keen to source new marketing content, she signed up to

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A man with glasses

Overdrawn directors’ loans

By Bob Edwards / 31st August 2020

I am still asked to repeat myself when I challenge my remaining director clients that continue to overdraw their loan

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Opportunity for you and your clients

By Bob Edwards / 18th August 2020

One of the most reported issues from practitioners – that seems to block clients from seeking the support of their

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When 30 days is worth 60 days

By Bob Edwards / 27th July 2020

We make new practice development material available as part of our Fee Builder program on a monthly basis. We also

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Welcome words

By Bob Edwards / 15th July 2020

I have to confess that I am not immune to the buzz of a kind word. Coronavirus has demanded that

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Houses of Parliament

Sunak’s Summer Statement 2020

By Bob Edwards / 8th July 2020

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced further measures to support jobs and business sectors severely affected by the COVID outbreak. Grants

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Unwinding Furlough – damage limitation begins

By Bob Edwards / 30th June 2020

Thus far we have been encouraged by government to take advantage of various grants and loans to support our practice

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Losing clients? Downward pressure on fees?

By Bob Edwards / 29th June 2020

If there is one result that practitioners desire it is winning a new client. There is nothing quite like the

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Urgent v important a 10-Minute solution

By Bob Edwards / 25th June 2020

If your house is on fire there is no time for considering how to improve your sprinkler system, you need

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Small steps can lead to incremental benefits

By Bob Edwards / 22nd June 2020

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. You are best placed to understand your clients’ needs and aspirations. They

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How will clients recover?

By Bob Edwards / 11th June 2020

The following statement poses a question many or most of your clients and business prospects will be asking themselves, in

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Government Loan Scheme update 3 April 2020

By Bob Edwards / 3rd April 2020

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme was updated today, 3 April 2020. The following update was featured as a Weekly

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Coronavirus – managing business disruption

By Bob Edwards / 6th March 2020

Your business clients will be concerned by the recent publicity given to the Coronavirus outbreak and whilst you will not

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