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Ideas and insights into ways to enable your accountancy practice to increase income by developing and selling new services to clients

Who is in charge?

By Bob Edwards / 15th August 2019

Whatever their rhetoric, its not politicians who determine success, its folks like us, the hard working business owners and their

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Preparing for a “no-deal” Brexit

By Bob Edwards / 7th August 2019

There are two good reasons why you need to inform clients about the impending deadline, 31 October 2019, and its

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I’ll eat my hat…

By Bob Edwards / 14th May 2019

I am amazed by the willingness of many practitioners to leave money on the table. And yet, looking back to

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Always expect the unexpected

By Bob Edwards / 7th May 2019

What are the challenges to our fee income 2019-20 and beyond? Grudge purchases For most business owners it is hard

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What’s next? An optimistic outlook.

By Bob Edwards / 24th April 2019

I would suggest that as advisers to the UK business community we can offer constructive advice that will impact clients

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Where do we go from here?

By Bob Edwards / 18th April 2019

Where do we go from here? Here’s two ideas for you to consider Offer annual accounts prep and a business

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Add new income streams to your practice

By Bob Edwards / 3rd April 2019

AI and the mechanisation of manual processes are likely to lead to downward pressure on the pricing of repetitive services.

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MTD for VAT video promotion

By Bob Edwards / 26th March 2019

As part of the Landmark Tax Box service, our April 2019 video covers the MTD for VAT changes from 1

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Opportunity knocks, again

By Bob Edwards / 12th March 2019

OPPORTUNITY: a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. The opposite of which is usually

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Need help?

By Bob Edwards / 26th February 2019

All of us need help to identify our strengths and weaknesses and use this information to grow and prosper in

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Are you interested in referrals?

By Bob Edwards / 19th February 2019

From time to time I have received requests for advice from business owners and private tax clients as a direct

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Image highlighting change as an opportunity

Should accountants embrace change?

By Bob Edwards / 2nd August 2018

A good place to start is to consider which side of the fence you sit. Do you treat change with

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Accountants meeting

Advertise services to accountants – become a Landmark partner firm

By Bob Edwards / 24th July 2018

An introduction to the Landmark Partner opportunity written by Bob Edwards FCCA. No person is an island and in much

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specialist accountancy services

Do you offer specialist services?

By Bob Edwards / 7th June 2018

I am receiving more and more requests from practitioners for help with specialist services: R&D relief, capital allowances, CGT, IHT

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man typing on laptop

Life after the 25th

By Bob Edwards / 24th May 2018

Comments made recently by the ICO seem to suggest a light touch approach to enforcement of the GDPR following the

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