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GDPR assessment for accountants

GDPR – the real threat to professional firms

By Bob Edwards / 8th April 2018

This is an article I wrote for ACCA’s In Practice publication, (to be included in the April 2018 edition). The

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Complimentary access to our 2018-19 planning video

By Bob Edwards / 3rd April 2018

I have just produced the April 2018 video in our TaxBox series. The title is Taxing Times and it highlights

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2018-19 video content for your website

By Bob Edwards / 28th March 2018

I have just produced the April 2018 video in our TaxBox series. The title is Taxing Times and it highlights

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video content for accountant websites

See ourselves…

By Bob Edwards / 22nd March 2018

I believe that the ability to see ourselves as others see us, is wishful thinking as we are condemned to

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Taxing Times – stay ahead of tax code changes

By Bob Edwards / 19th March 2018

I think I can safely assume that you are keeping abreast of changes in the tax code, so I don’t

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contact by phone

Please talk to me

By Bob Edwards / 8th March 2018

I have had a number of conversations with practitioners during the past week and there does seem to be an

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tax return preparation

Did you miss our launch last week?

By Bob Edwards / 26th February 2018

Just in case you missed my launch post last week – away with the family for half-term – this is

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GDPR assessment for accountants

GDPR compliance Workbook now available

By Bob Edwards / 18th February 2018

The GDPR Workbook and other information guides that I have written in conjunction with GDPR specialists GDPR Auditing Ltd are

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GDPR compliance for accountants

Imminent launch of GDPR solutions for accountants

By Bob Edwards / 12th February 2018

Launch date GDPR Self-assessment for accountants We are aiming to confirm the launch of our GDPR services for accountants shortly.

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Xero users take note

By Bob Edwards / 9th February 2018

I am relaunching my Xero add-on, Scoop, today. Scoop will help you manage your clients’ Xero data more efficiently. By

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GDPR assessment for accountants

GDPR Self-assessment for accountants

By Bob Edwards / 4th February 2018

GDPR Self-assessment for accountants A new service that will provide you with the tools and information to comply with the

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How many months fees are tied up in debtors?

By Bob Edwards / 9th January 2018

Direct debits are probably the best way to collect fees from clients as you can vary the amount and timing

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accountant software

How I reduced my tax software costs

By Bob Edwards / 4th January 2018

Just before the Christmas break I received an unwelcome email reminder from TaxCalc, who I used for accounts production and

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Complimentary budget video offer today

By Bob Edwards / 23rd November 2017

I am pleased to report that we managed to send all our Budget Box video subscribers the code and MP4

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Dust off your audit skills – tax evasion and the CFA 2017

By Bob Edwards / 15th November 2017

Have you considered the scope of the Criminal Finances Act 2017 (CFA), new legislation to tackle tax evasion? From 30

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