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Ideas and insights into ways to enable your accountancy practice to increase income by developing and selling new services to clients

MTD up-to-date video available next week

By Bob Edwards / 13th July 2017

Now that the changes to the implementation of MTD are known, see previous blog posting, I am revising my script

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Inform Direct 5 star service

By Bob Edwards / 3rd July 2017

I have just issued shares to three individuals, generated all the required minutes and other documentation, filed changes with Companies

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Landlord management software

By Bob Edwards / 28th June 2017

Came across this software by Landlord vision seems to combine property management with recording financials and therefore invaluable for MTD purposes.

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Cross-selling: Need to contact clients?

By Bob Edwards / 27th June 2017

Without doubt, lack of time is the constant companion of practitioners. We all know the issues that are likely to

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MTD v salary sacrifice demise

By Bob Edwards / 27th June 2017

Watch and listen is the new byword for capturing the attention of your website visitors. According to research, it is

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Time for a targeted approach?

By Bob Edwards / 20th June 2017

Most accountants are pretty adept at sending out broadcast messages to keep clients and prospects informed across a whole range

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TV channel for your practice?

By Bob Edwards / 29th May 2017

Many practitioners harbour an obsession with Google page rankings. In fact, many pay a fortune to maintain a page one

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Data carousel

By Bob Edwards / 26th May 2017

My guess is Making Tax Digital will go ahead as planned. The present election hiatus, that places civil servants in

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Tax videos for your website

By Bob Edwards / 17th May 2017

 A number of practitioners have contacted me since I sent out my previous missive on the new tax video service

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Damage limitation

By Bob Edwards / 14th May 2017

I added the following article to my weekly blog service for subscribers today. Feel free to copy, edit and post

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Affordable tax videos for your website

By Bob Edwards / 12th May 2017

According to a recent post by Liraz Margalit Ph.D. on the Psychology Today website: Whether it’s YouTube, Vine or integrated content, video

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Blowing of trumpets

By Bob Edwards / 3rd May 2017

Empathy is defined as – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In a therapeutic situation this

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Give-aways and reception

By Bob Edwards / 3rd May 2017

Two ideas for spreading the word about the services you offer: how do you say thank you to clients and

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Half-price subscription offer

By Bob Edwards / 27th April 2017

I have created an online repository where you can download a copy of all my support packs and calculators for

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11 tax and business calculators for 2017-18

By Bob Edwards / 19th April 2017

I have created eleven, easy to use calculator tools for 2017-18 that I am making available as a composite Excel

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