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Who is in charge?

By Bob Edwards / 15th August 2019

Whatever their rhetoric, its not politicians who determine success, its folks like us, the hard working business owners and their

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How HMRC judges gross profit rates

By Bob Edwards / 12th August 2019

I came across the following text published in HMRC’s Enquiry Manual , makes for interesting reading. You might like to

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Do you have farming clients?

By Bob Edwards / 8th August 2019

A notification from has just popped into my Inbox and I think it’s worth sharing on this forum. Farm

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Preparing for a “no-deal” Brexit

By Bob Edwards / 7th August 2019

There are two good reasons why you need to inform clients about the impending deadline, 31 October 2019, and its

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Are you prepared to lose clients?

By Bob Edwards / 1st July 2019

There are circumstances, usually beyond our control, that determine when a client ceases to be a client. The most obvious

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Nothing like a good blurt

By Bob Edwards / 26th June 2019

As many of you will be aware I edit the news copy for Informanagement. As part of this brief I

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Cash flow and insolvency

By Bob Edwards / 20th June 2019

Last week I wrote a short blog post that was distributed to Landmark’s Online Copy subscribers; this service provides two

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Who do you turn to?

By Bob Edwards / 12th June 2019

In practice, we all have occasions when we need the support of other professionals to deal with a difficult client

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How is MTD for VAT for you?

By Bob Edwards / 4th June 2019

In the last couple of weeks I have registered the three businesses that I am responsible for, to HMRC’s MTD

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What’s next? An optimistic outlook.

By Bob Edwards / 24th April 2019

I would suggest that as advisers to the UK business community we can offer constructive advice that will impact clients

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Where do we go from here?

By Bob Edwards / 18th April 2019

Where do we go from here? Here’s two ideas for you to consider Offer annual accounts prep and a business

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Dither or act

By Bob Edwards / 20th March 2019

I suggest that a contemporary definition of dither be changed to reflect the way that politicians of all shades have

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Support services for professional practices

By Bob Edwards / 5th March 2019

The Landmark Support Directory – where you can find third-party support for a variety of issues – is starting to

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Like to design your own Xero app?

By Bob Edwards / 1st February 2019

Last year I created an app for Xero partner firms – Scoop – that allows practitioners to gather all of

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survey questions

SURVEY – Scoop diagnostic APP for Xero

By Bob Edwards / 31st January 2019

Help us develop the right product for you. Tell us which features you would find most useful for our Scoop

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