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The pain – part 2…

By Bob Edwards / 8th May 2021

In my last post on this topic, I was advised by my dentist that the best advice he could give

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The pain…

By Bob Edwards / 26th April 2021

When I first encountered the horror of the dentists’ chair – many years ago – I managed to delay the

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Beware trading into insolvency

By Bob Edwards / 25th April 2021

We have reproduced a blog article we wrote for our Online Copy subscribers this week. Readers can copy and paste

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Less is more

By Bob Edwards / 20th April 2021

What started as a simple internet order for a replacement printer turned into an inciteful exchange on the value of

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More thinking outside the box

By Bob Edwards / 14th April 2021

The source of new clients that comes at least cost is referrals; those sweet moments when your client rings and

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