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By Bob Edwards / 26th August 2021

If you employ a person to take calls for your practice you have a gatekeeper. If all your staff can

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Volunteers required

By Bob Edwards / 18th June 2021

Are you interested in acquiring new clients but don’t have the time to undertake the processes that will start the

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Post COVID risk

By Bob Edwards / 11th June 2021

We like to believe that all our clients are worthy individuals who deliver information on time, are hungry and appreciative

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What is it worth?

By Bob Edwards / 28th May 2021

We may not say this, at least not openly, but it is a question that demands our attention; what is

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Small steps

By Bob Edwards / 23rd May 2021

When we start out in life, our urge to stand and walk is achieved on a progressive basis. First we

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Changing the conversation

By Bob Edwards / 13th March 2021

During my calls with practitioners, the discussion often turns to the old chestnut, “My clients just want the basics –

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Welcome back – the power of a phone call

By Bob Edwards / 11th September 2020

When the CEO of a highly successful accountancy firm was keen to source new marketing content, she signed up to

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Losing clients? Downward pressure on fees?

By Bob Edwards / 29th June 2020

If there is one result that practitioners desire it is winning a new client. There is nothing quite like the

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Why Invest in An Accountancy Franchise?

By Bob Edwards / 1st October 2019

This post has been provided by Bracey’s Accountants who are developing an accountancy franchise in the UK. Firstly, let’s talk

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More referrals

By Bob Edwards / 25th September 2019

When you first start building your professional practice you will naturally gravitate to known acquaintances to spread the word that

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Improving prospect conversions

By Bob Edwards / 23rd September 2019

If you want a particular business or individual to be a client of your firm one way to achieve your

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Strengthening relationships with clients

By Bob Edwards / 23rd September 2019

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth remembering that a business may have an abstract legal identity, but I’ve never

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Accountants meeting

Why invest in an accountancy franchise?

By Bob Edwards / 19th September 2019

The following post was provided by Bracey’s, a thriving firm who are building a franchise under the Bracey’s brand. Firstly,

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Building client loyalty

By Bob Edwards / 19th September 2019

Answer this question: Would your clients call you if they had received information from another accountant that you have not

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Who is in charge?

By Bob Edwards / 15th August 2019

Whatever their rhetoric, its not politicians who determine success, its folks like us, the hard working business owners and their

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