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Commentary on the UK Budget, Personal taxation and Business taxation issues

Companies with associated businesses

By Bob Edwards / 17th June 2022

Rishi Sunak’s urge to change corporation tax from 1 April 2023 will return this tax to a multi-rate system. With

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Budget forecast Oct 2021

By Bob Edwards / 6th October 2021

The budget presentation on 27 October will be the second budget for 2021. The Chancellor has already disclosed an increase

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Boris’s Budget…

By Bob Edwards / 10th September 2021

In typical flamboyant style the Prime Minister delivered his very own mini-budget this week when he launched the new tax

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Tax return management – carrot or stick?

By Bob Edwards / 26th January 2021

HMRC bowed to the inevitable and deferred the issue of the initial £100 late filing penalty for a month. Accordingly,

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Tax Planning 2020-21

By Bob Edwards / 18th January 2021

As COVID disruption is creating so many finance related concerns for UK taxpayers this year, will tax planning be taking

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Capital allowance review service a Landmark practice development partner

Capital Allowance claims support

By Bob Edwards / 7th October 2020

Accountants/Advisors have an important role to support their clients during these uncertain times and are no doubt looking to increase cash flow where

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Ethical concerns COVID related client fraud

By Bob Edwards / 23rd September 2020

Aside from my responsibilities as a director of Landmark I still have a small professional practice and I do have

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A man with glasses

Overdrawn directors’ loans

By Bob Edwards / 31st August 2020

I am still asked to repeat myself when I challenge my remaining director clients that continue to overdraw their loan

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Houses of Parliament

Sunak’s Summer Statement 2020

By Bob Edwards / 8th July 2020

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced further measures to support jobs and business sectors severely affected by the COVID outbreak. Grants

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Sage advice for practitioners

By Bob Edwards / 12th November 2019

Sage advice from Capital Allowance Review Service for professionals advising clients on commercial property acquisitions. Here’s what they said in

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How HMRC judges gross profit rates

By Bob Edwards / 12th August 2019

I came across the following text published in HMRC’s Enquiry Manual , makes for interesting reading. You might like to

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Are you claiming the new Structures and Building Allowance for clients?

By Bob Edwards / 8th January 2019

The following post is provided by one of our Partner firms The Capital Allowance Review Service (CARS). It has been

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