Client alerts

Targetted updates to use "out of the box"

Client update packs are posted to this page to meet the changing demands of the UK tax system. They are written in plain English and can be sent to clients “out of the box”.

Use links to access more information on each pack or to order online.

Flu alert – coping strategies for business owners

Easy to read copy – send to business clients now.

Pay employer or pay tax?

If you have clients that are provided with private fuel or employers who provide private fuel, there is scope for a classic win-win outcome for both parties. Send them this alert.

Preparing for Brexit 2020

A two-page update that we suggest you send to all your clients and prospects. We have kept the text to the point and promoted what we consider to be the minimum action required in response to recent political changes…

Christmas message

Have you considered sending your clients an up-beat Seasonal Greetings message for 2019-20 – one that includes 10 relevant tax planning ideas to act on before 6 April 2020?

Tax return reminder 2019

Want to avoid the usual January log-jam next year? Use this alert to inspire clients to submit their tax return information sooner rather than later – a carrot not stick approach. Send to clients and/or add to your website.

30-day CGT deadline

Use this alert now to advise property owners of the 30-day CGT filing and payment deadline change from 6 April 2020. The alert includes suggestions that will improve client service and reduce the risk of late filing penalties…

Construction VAT alert

Send our contractor reverse charge alerts to your CIS, VAT registered clients. Our pack includes two alerts – for main contractors and sub-contractors – and covers the tasks to be completed before 1 October 2020…