Fee Builder Program 2020

Add significant value to what you already do by increasing the range of existing services and by adding new income streams...


We will provide complimentary access to our Fee Builder content released to subscribers this month. All you need to do is follow link below and register as a Fee Builder subscriber.

No fees payable until June 2020, complimentary copy of Fee Builder strategies for May 2020 and free copies of any client alerts issued this month.


Fee Builder provides UK accountancy practitioners with exclusive access to ideas, resources and strategies to maintain and develop the value and range of services offered to clients. Currently, May 2020, this is focused on providing subscribers with ideas and resources to reframe services during the COVID-19 disruption. 

In the past three months we have covered the following topics

MAY 2020

Adapting to COVID challenges

Reframe and adapt practice services to meet the challenges of COVID disruption. This material is only available to subscribers. Try Fee Builder FOC - no fees until June 2020 cancel at any time.

APRIL 2020

COVID-19 Survival Strategies

Comprehensive advice for practitioners and clients at this difficult time. Nick Hixson, Hixsons Business Enablers

This Fee Builder Pack is only available to subscribers.

MARCH 2020

Managing the Brexit Transition

Opportunities to support and advise clients on managing the Brexit transition.

This Fee Builder Pack is only available to subscribers,

    • Support clients through the COVID-19 disruption
    • Increase the range and relevance of services
    • Add new recurring income streams to your practice
    • Impress clients and prospects with the range and value of your expanding services
    • Distinguish your practice from your competitors
    • No long-term lock-ins - subscription is a straight-forward £55 per month plus VAT
    • First month's content is free - no fees payable until the month following your sign-up
    • Client Alerts included in your subscription - any client alerts published after you subscribe to Fee Builder will be provided - no extra charge

Each month's Fee Builder "idea" is sent to you by email and includes: 

    • Strategic outlines -  relevant fee development and client support ideas that will help you communicate the value of the work you undertake for clients.
    • Detailed implementation to-do lists - setting out the steps you will need to take to sell the Fee Builder strategy to your clients and prospects.
    • All the documentation you will need - your monthly Fee Builder pack will include all the documents referred to in the Implementation to-do list.

Hands-on support available

External resources - if you don't have the hands-on resources to tackle the implementation of a Fee Builder idea we can refer you to our marketing support company, Strand-PR, who are aware of the Fee Builder initiative and can step in to provide the assistance required. Note, this is an associated feature of the Fee Builder program. You will need to negotiate a separate fee that will depend on the amount of help required. Call Laura Pearce at Strand for more information 01763 274674

We have created an archive of all our published Fee Builder strategies.

Subscribers can acquire back copies for a one-off fee of £55 plus VAT per pack.


Government Loan Scheme update 3 April 2020

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme was updated today, 3 April 2020. The following update was featured as a Weekly Client Alert as part of our Fee Builder initiative.  FEE BUILDER – Weekly Client Alert 3 April 2020 TITLE: The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) has been changed Pressure from business groups and the

Coronavirus – managing business disruption

Your business clients will be concerned by the recent publicity given to the Coronavirus outbreak and whilst you will not want to offer an opinion on medical matters, clients will appreciate reassurance that the effects of the virus and businesses disruption can be minimised. We have created a short client alert on this topic that

You can’t move forwards while looking backwards

There is a well-worn cliche asserting that it’s folly to keep on doing the same, failing actions whilst expecting a different outcome. Many accountancy firms are caught in this dynamic: they cannot get past the notion that clients won’t pay for advisory services so they plug away at delivering compliance services and struggle to maintain

Client testimonial

"During my 30 year career technology has always driven fee levels down . Today is no exception . Bob has looked at some innovative ways to generate additional fees . These are good old fashioned ways to look after the clients . Easy wins that will result in additional fees for accountants."

Paul Miller: Cornish Accounting - April 2019

Client testimonial

"Included in Landmark’s Fee Builder workbook are some incredibly valuable concepts that can be used to create additional income from existing clients, and explained in an easy to read, clear and concise manner. The guide gives practical advice on how to implement Bob’s strategies and do not require big changes to your practice systems, just a different mindset and a few small changes."

Gareth Bown (sole practitioner) – March 2019