Fee Builder Program 2020

Add significant value to what you already do by increasing the range of existing services and by adding new income streams...

Two months' content in first month

If you sign up to our Fee Builder program at any time after the first day of each month we will provide access to the current month's material plus any new material added at the beginning of the following month as part of your first month's subscription.


Fee Builder provides UK accountancy practitioners with exclusive access to ideas, resources and strategies to maintain and develop the value and range of services offered to clients. For example, in July 2020 this was focused on providing subscribers with ideas and resources to help employers consider their options as the furlough scheme unwinds.

We have added two new features: 

    • A 10-Minute Task -  each month we will set a simple 10 minute task to demonstrate that you can take small steps to implement the benefits of our strategies. For July, the task is to make one phone call.
    • Quarterly call with Bob Edwards - Bob is offering to speak with each subscriber on any practice development matter once a quarter. This could be related to Fee Builder implementation or any other issue practitioners may want to discuss.

In the past three months we have covered the following topics


Ready for HMRC challenges?

Use October's resources to provide clients with a COVID grants compliance check. Don't wait for the brown envelopes before documenting eligibility and other required documentation.


Grants available (in England)

Tools and strategies to provide support to business clients located in England who need your advice, but may not have the funds to pay for it. Grants now available to cover your fees.


Business Start-Ups

Tools and strategies to provide support to new business start-ups as newly redundant employed persons seek alternatives by running their own business.

    • Support clients through the COVID-19 disruption
    • Increase the range and relevance of services
    • Add new recurring income streams to your practice
    • Impress clients and prospects with the range and value of your expanding services
    • Distinguish your practice from your competitors
    • No long-term lock-ins - subscription is a straight-forward £55 per month plus VAT
    • First month's fee provides access to  two months' content
    • Client Alerts included in your subscription - any client alerts published after you subscribe to Fee Builder will be provided - no extra charge
    • Strategic outlines -  relevant fee development and client support ideas.
    • A 10-Minute Task - a simple task that will demonstrate the value and ease of implementation.
    • Detailed implementation to-do lists - setting out the steps you will need to take to sell the Fee Builder strategy to your clients and prospects.
    • All the documentation you will need - your monthly Fee Builder pack will include all the documents referred to in the Implementation to-do list.
    • A quarterly support call with Bob Edwards

Hands-on support available

External resources - if you don't have the hands-on resources to tackle the implementation of a Fee Builder idea we can refer you to our marketing support company, Strand-PR, who are aware of the Fee Builder initiative and can step in to provide the assistance required. Note, this is an associated feature of the Fee Builder program. You will need to negotiate a separate fee that will depend on the amount of help required. Call Laura Pearce at Strand for more information 01763 274674

We have created an archive of all our published Fee Builder strategies.

Subscribers can acquire back copies for a one-off fee of £55 plus VAT per pack.


Client testimonial

We have been working with Bob and his team for many years now. 

The introduction of the Fee Builder has proven to be a really comprehensive and useful tool for us to easily implement on a monthly basis. 

As with most accountancy firms, there is not always time to dedicate to content writing and generating additional strategies to attract new clients or cross-selling with current clients.  

This is what the Fee Builder has enabled us to do. 

Clare Weston, Nunn Hayward - June 2020


Client testimonial

"During my 30 year career technology has always driven fee levels down . Today is no exception . Bob has looked at some innovative ways to generate additional fees . These are good old fashioned ways to look after the clients . Easy wins that will result in additional fees for accountants."

Paul Miller: Cornish Accounting - April 2019

Client testimonial

The ideas and strategies that the Landmark Fee Builder program have provided have made me think outside the box. Many are ideas that I would not have thought of in isolation.


For example, we have taken on the notion that at this difficult time it may be prudent to consider limited use of pro-bono services for clients. When we have done this we have had a good response and whilst this does not add to monthly billing it does demonstrate that we are willing to help clients that are adversely affected by the present disruption. Hopefully, this is an investment in the long-term value of practice goodwill.


Simon Dimblebee, Thain Wildbur - June 2020

Client testimonial

"Included in Landmark’s Fee Builder workbook are some incredibly valuable concepts that can be used to create additional income from existing clients, and explained in an easy to read, clear and concise manner. The guide gives practical advice on how to implement Bob’s strategies and do not require big changes to your practice systems, just a different mindset and a few small changes."

Gareth Bown (sole practitioner) – March 2019

Ethical concerns COVID related client fraud

Aside from my responsibilities as a director of Landmark I still have a small professional practice and I do have clients that are furloughing staff. Recently, I received an update from my institute, the ACCA, setting out ethical concerns and advice for members regarding CJRS fraud. I found the contents useful and have shared fragments

Welcome back – the power of a phone call

When the CEO of a highly successful accountancy firm was keen to source new marketing content, she signed up to Landmark PD’s Fee Builder programme, it seemed like a match made in heaven. The platform was specifically designed to provide UK accountancy practitioners with exclusive access to ideas, resources and strategies helping them to maintain and

Overdrawn directors’ loans

I am still asked to repeat myself when I challenge my remaining director clients that continue to overdraw their loan accounts and then act surprised when confronted with the inevitable tax consequences. Coronavirus has added to this state of selective amnesia. Prompted by this realisation, I recently wrote a client alert on this topic that