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Support Grants – September 2020

It is not often that we as a profession are offered a golden egg. Clients can apply for grant to cover your fees.

Business start-ups – August 2020

It seems self-evident that the shake-out from the coronavirus outbreak will include higher unemployment. We can already see this as vulnerable …

Unwinding Furlough – July 2020

Help clients extract themselves from the furlough scheme with the least disruption to their businesses.

A Roadmap to Recovery – June 2020

Resources to support clients emerging from lockdown. Challenges that present opportunities and problems.

Adapting to COVID challenges – May 2020

Different ways to serve your clients based on the assumption that for many, survival will now be top of their agenda.

Challenges of COVID-19 – April 2020

Use our content to support clients through the present COVID-19 disruption.

Managing the Transition – March 2020

Strategies for supporting clients who may be affected by the UK’s exit from the EU, 31 December 2020.

Boosting referrals – February 2020

This pack advocates an active approach to the referrals process – don’t wait for referrals, create them.