Fee builder +

A process guaranteed to increase fees and improve client service


If you invest in our Fee Builder Plus service we will guarantee positive results as long as you follow our simple stepped processes. All the tools and materials you will need are provided together with three months telephone support.


Increases fees from cross-sales Read more>

Builds client loyalty Read more >

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Strengthens client/practice relationship Read more>

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Saves you time, all the resources you will need are provided


Additionally, launch benefits include:

    • exclusivity, post code protection
    • launch discount of 50% (applies to first 100 subscribers)
    • a 3-month, money-back guarantee

If you use the various online tools, marketing material and the advice we give you at the three support calls that are part of the Fee Builder Plus process, and as a result you fail to recover your investment in Fee Builder, we will refund ALL your subscription costs.

Your success is our goal


Fee Builder is provided on a subscription basis as this will allow us to update processes and the marketing materials provided.

The monthly fee is £110 plus VAT (subject to a 50% discount if you are one of the first 100 firms to sign up)

Subscribers are required to pay six-months fees in advance (this covers our investment in providing you with branded videos and other online resources for your website) and monthly bills thereafter.

Like to acquire Fee Builder Plus for your practice?

Secure your post code licence and other launch benefits by following this link, applies to the first 100 subscribers

The Fee Builder Plus features


If you are serious about increasing cross-sales and prospect conversions, Fee Builder Plus is the program of choice; designed with all the features you will need to hit the ground running.

A Getting Started guide and cross-sales marketing check list - no need to reinvent the wheel, use our guide and check lists to drive your first Fee Builder cross-sales campaign. The copy includes a draft email that you could use to promote your selected campaign to clients. Read this guide >>

Fee Builder workbook - sets out a fresh look at eleven existing and new recurring services including features, benefits, and where appropriate, recommended resources you can use to deliver the advice.

Client fact sheets - documents that you can use to promote Fee Builder services to clients.

Cross sales spreadsheet tool - use this tool to create mailing lists of clients who may benefit from specific Fee Builder services.

A new client acquisition check list - use this guide to create and administer your prospect conversion activity. The copy includes a draft email that you could use to promote your selected campaign to prospects.

Risk assessment tools - we provide iFrame code so you can display interactive Business and Personal Financial Fitness tools on your website. View on Swan Partnership site>

Explainer videos - we create branded videos that outline the benefits of business and personal financial fitness. Can be added to your website or video channels. View on Swan Partnership site>

Kick-start conversion process - we will discuss how you can use the Fee Builder resources, and monitor indicators that will demonstrate successful implementation. This will include helping you to marshal internal resources and define responsibilities.

First month progress check - a month one reality check, we will call to review progress, identify weaknesses and areas to build on.

Three month follow up - further progress check, opportunity to discuss outcomes and actions moving forwards.

See Fee Builder Plus in action on Bob Edwards’ practice website

Subscribers to Fee Builder Plus can use the Swan page template as reference/inspiration to create a similar page on their website and use this page to promote cross-sales to clients and to create new client acquisitions. The page incorporates all the interactive and video elements supplied in our Fee Builder Plus package.

Click on Swan logo to access relevant page

Like to acquire Fee Builder Plus for your practice?

Secure your post code licence and other launch benefits by following this link

Client testimonial

"During my 30 year career technology has always driven fee levels down . Today is no exception . Bob has looked at some innovative ways to generate additional fees . These are good old fashioned ways to look after the clients . Easy wins that will result in additional fees for accountants."

Paul Miller: Cornish Accounting - April 2019

Client testimonial

"Included in Landmark’s Fee Builder workbook are some incredibly valuable concepts that can be used to create additional income from existing clients, and explained in an easy to read, clear and concise manner. The guide gives practical advice on how to implement Bob’s strategies and do not require big changes to your practice systems, just a different mindset and a few small changes."

Gareth Bown (sole practitioner) – March 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

More details of your launch offer please

There are three benefits we are offering the first 100 subscribers of Fee Builder Plus:

  1. A 3-month money-back guarantee: if you follow and implement the simple steps in our implementation guide, take our three support calls and as a result do not recover your initial investment by generating new fees, we will refund your Fee Builder Plus subscription fees received by Landmark.
  2. Post code exclusivity: during our initial roll-out of Fee Builder we will only issue one license to a post code. This should reduce the likelihood of competing firms using the same marketing material. Exclusivity will apply to the first half of the post code. For example, if your practice office is registered in post code CV32 6TX your licence would cover the CV32 area. 
  3. 50% discount: the first 100 subscriber will qualify for a lifetime, 50% reduction in the monthly fees paid to Landmark. The reduction will continue to apply even if we subsequently increase our fees.

To qualify for these benefits all you need to do is sign up...

Why is the Plus service a recurring subscription? Are the resources updated?

Fee Builder is written and is focussed on the tax and accounting regulations for a particular tax year. The eleven ideas for new services shared In Bob Edwards’ Fee Builder Workbook for 2019-20 are currently available.

If you take the Plus option (or upgrade to the Plus option) you will be able to access any additional resources added to Fee Builder in the current year. You will also have automatic access to a new Workbook and support material created for the tax year 2020-21.

Looks interesting but not sure this is relevant to our clients

Take a look at the blog that lists the services you could offer clients based on our 2019-20 Fee Builder options. https://landmarkpd.co.uk/add-new-income-streams-to-your-practice/

Read the blog post, select just one of the services we recommend and then estimate the number of clients that you could approach and that would benefit from that selected service.

The £ cost of Fee Builder will likely be dwarfed by the additional fees you could generate.

I’m concerned that we won’t have time to implement Fee Builder ideas

If you invest in the Fee Builder Plus option, this includes easy to implement to-do check lists that will guide you through the simple processes you will need to complete in order to provide clients with useful services and grow your practice fee base by trying the cross-sales and new client acquisition options.

Most of the initial work can be done by admin staff with less than half a day of a fee earners’ time to make a connection between clients and services.

Small steps are recommended. The best way to address these concerns is to prove that our processes work, all-be-it on a small scale initially, then you will have the incentive you need to create or buy-in the support you need for a wider application.

As a fail safe feature, we will call you to monitor and support implementation when you sign up for the Fee Builder Plus service, and further calls in one month and three months later.  

Tell me how you could help us maximise the benefits of implementing Fee Builder

If you really don’t want to build a cross-sales and marketing resource within your practice, and you like the idea of increasing cross-sales and new client acquisitions, you will need to outsource.

Bob Edwards, the Landmark founder director, has created a marketing company - Edwards Pearce & Co Ltd – in collaboration with Laura Pearce (a PR and marketing specialist).

Edwards Pearce only work for accountants. They understand the dynamics of running a practice and they can provide as much support as is needed to help you implement Fee Builder.

Your Fee Builder Plus subscription includes three calls from Edwards Pearce to monitor your implementation progress. Calls will be made shortly after you sign up and again, one month and three months later.

What are the likely returns if we invest in Fee Builder?

Financially, the sky is not even your limit.

Bob Edwards, who wrote most of the material, is on the record offering to eat his proverbial hat if you can’t create additional fees for your practice way in excess of the subscription cost.

The Plus option has a recurring, discounted, annual cost of £660, and again, the possibility of increasing fees in excess of this amount will only be limited by the scale of your Fee Builder implementation.

Fee Builder is a joint venture

Fee builder is a joint venture between Landmark and it's sister company Edwards Pearce. Edwards Pearce will be facilitating the support calls that form part of the Fee Builder processes.

Are you interested in increasing cross-sales and prospect conversions?


Download our Fee Builder “Getting started guide” that will outline our low-cost process for achieving these goals.