Fee Builder

Monthly resource packs, client alerts and support to create and promote advisory-led services

Why invest in our Fee Builder programme

Landmark's founder, Bob Edwards FCCA, has been an active practitioner for many years and has more experience than most promoting advisory services. To date, Bob has created three practices and sold two...

If you are keen to introduce more advisory or advisory-led services to your practice, and reduce your dependency on compliance services, tap into the resources that this program offers. Read on to see how see how you could benefit.

If you are not ready to promote advisory services this Lite option will provide you with weekly alerts on current issues that you can send to clients or prospects.

The Plus option includes the weekly alerts and a monthly resource pack that focusses on the provision of a particular advisory service.

For firms that want an automated process to distribute Fee Builder updates to clients we have built a Hands-Free option. Use this to reduce implementation demands.

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Clare Weston

Nunn Hayward

The introduction of the Fee Builder has proven to be a really comprehensive and useful tool for us to easily implement on a monthly basis.

Paul Miller

Cornish Accounting

During my 30 year career technology has always driven fee levels down . Today is no exception . Bob has looked at some innovative ways to generate additional fees.

Simon Dimblebee

Thain Wildbur

The ideas and strategies that the Landmark Fee Builder program have provided have made me think outside the box. Many are ideas that I would not have thought of in isolation.

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