Fee builder
2019 - 20

Add new income streams to your practice fee base

2019-20 will be a challenging year. Maintaining and developing new services for your practice is no-brainer.

Fee Builder will help you do this and provide clients with advice that will be appreciated and valued.

What you get for your money?

A workbook setting out a fresh look at eleven existing and new recurring services: sets out features, benefits, and where appropriate, recommended resources you can use to deliver the advice.

An easy to use Cross Sales spreadsheet - you can use this to create mailing lists to approach your clients.

We have also provided short, easy-to-read client facing fact sheets that you can use to promote the featured services to clients and prospects.


An updated version of our Tax Planning Road Map publication for 2019-20 – full of ideas and marketing material that you can use in conjunction with our Fee Builder service to promote tax planning services to business, personal tax and property rental clients.


A 30 minute telephone conversation with Bob Edwards to identify at least one opportunity to integrate his Fee Builder ideas into your service offerings for 2019-20. 

Money back guarantee

I am so confident that my Fee Builder material will help you find inspiration to take on at least one new recurring service for your practice, that I offer a full money-back, seven-day guarantee.

Should you feel unable to use my Fee Builder material, I will give you 30 minutes of my time completely free of charge to discuss your practice development plans. If, after this call, you still feel that you are unable to use my Fee Builder material, I will refund your £150 fee in full.

You can call me any time on my mobile, 07879 896073, to activate this guarantee

Implementation support

What if I like your ideas but don't have time to implement them?

If you can see that one or more of the suggestions in Fee Builder or the Tax Planning Road Map would have relevance for your clients and prospects, but you do not have the resources in your practice to promote these services to clients and prospects, contact our associated company, Edwards Pearce & Co Ltd.

My co-director, Laura, who specialises in marketing and practice development projects for accountants can talk you through the back-up we can provide to connect my Fee Builder suggestions with your clients and business prospects.

Simply call Laura Pearce on 01763 849603

Client testimonial


"During my 30 year career technology has always driven fee levels down . Today is no exception . Bob has looked at some innovative ways to generate additional fees . These are good old fashioned ways to look after the clients . Easy wins that will result in additional fees for accountants."

Paul Miller: Cornish Accounting - April 2019

Client testimonial

"Included in Landmark’s Fee Builder workbook are some incredibly valuable concepts that can be used to create additional income from existing clients, and explained in an easy to read, clear and concise manner. The guide gives practical advice on how to implement Bob’s strategies and do not require big changes to your practice systems, just a different mindset and a few small changes."

Gareth Bown (sole practitioner) – March 2019


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