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Adapting to COVID challenges – May 2020

Our Fee Builder strategy this month – May 2020 – offers a possible solution to the disruption created by the COVID pandemic. It includes a different way to serve your clients based on the assumption that for many, survival will now be top of their agenda.

And this is not idle speculation. In forming the ideas shared this month, we have canvassed small businesses rather than discussing their needs with professional advisers.

While you are home-bound, directing your practice from perhaps unfamiliar surroundings, roll-up your sleeves and see if the ideas shared with you in our Fee Builder May support pack have relevance and offer a way forward that acknowledges the changed circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Our May Support Pack includes:

  • COVID-19 a different billing strategy: How to transform the way you charge fees,
  • COVID-19 adapting services: How to organise and offer relevant services,
  • COVID-19 resources to support post COVID-19 activity.

Bob Edwards

Bob has been working with practices across the UK offering novel ways to improve cross-sales and increase new client acquisitions. He is also interested in "step changes" in legislation that offer challenges, and therefore opportunities, for practitioners to provide new recurring and one-off support services to clients.