GDPR Compliance solution for UK accountants

Use our bespoke Workbook designed for accountants and pre-filled with most of the detail you need record. A straightforward, guided solution to achieving GDPR compliance for your practice.

Like lots of advisers I’ve been crawling around the net for hours getting really confused about GDPR, then when I came across your GDPR Workbook and Guides my stress levels dropped a long way, and even more so when I started using them and realised how straightforward they were to work through. I’ve posted a link for colleagues on the CIMA ‘members in practice’ LinkedIn group, in answer to a thread running there about how little practical info there was about GDPR.

Mike Tombs, TLA Business Services Ltd, 19 March 2018

I have had a brief look through the material and have to say I am slightly less fazed by the whole GDPR process as a result.

Sally Carthy, Carthy Accountants Ltd 12 March 2018


A complete GDPR solution

A complete GDPR solution for Accountants - designed by accountants for accountants.

Designed and developed in association with GDPR Auditing Ltd, specialist advisors on all matters that cover GDPR and other data protection legislation in the UK.

Much of the work required has already been added for accountancy practices and built into our GDPR compliance Workbook.



Why do I need to be concerned about the GDPR?

Simply, because from 25 May 2018, GDPR compliance is a legal requirement.

Putting aside the likelihood of significant penalties if you don’t comply,  your clients will be asking you as the 25 May 2018 deadline approaches, and thereafter, for assurance that you are GDPR compliant.

Any prospective new clients will likely be looking for a GDPR compliant practice.

You risk losing business if you are not already compliant. Your clients will need this confirmation to complete their own GDPR obligations as inevitably, you are handling their personal data. Unless they are satisfied with your response they will look for a compliant advisor.


What is involved in achieving compliance?

At a minimum you will need to invest enough time and effort to complete the following tasks:

  • Data audit – record, in detail, the personal data you keep.
  • Data processing – record, in detail, how you process personal data.
  • Risk management – Identify, assess and track risk to personal data.
  • Inform data subjects – evidence that clients and others know what personal data you hold, privacy statements etc.
  • Staff awareness  – train people in you organisation to be aware of their data security responsibilities.
  • Breach reporting – be able to detect, log and report data breaches.
  • Handling requests – have adequate processes to record, track, monitor and handle requests from data subjects.
  • IT security – create and manage an effective information security policy including IT and website security.


Bob Edwards FCCA

A note from Bob Edwards, of Landmark, who co-created this GDPR solution for accountants with GDPR Auditing Ltd and pre-populated much of the information you will need to record:

I am a practicing accountant and will be using the GDPR Workbook to achieve compliance for my practice the Swan Partnership LLP. As an aid to other practitioners that buy a license to use the Workbook, I am going to document how I completed each of the 12 steps in a weekly blog post starting February 2018. This should provide practical support for practitioners using our Workbook as they progress through the various steps and will allow time for the process to be completed before 25 May 2018.

My blog posts can be accessed here 

It is worth noting that you will need the Workbook to make sense of the comments I make…

Bob Edwards FCCA – February 2018


More about the GDPR Workbook

Click on the image below for an overview of our GDPR Workbook and how it manages your route to compliance.


We don’t have the time or resources to do this in-house, what are our options?

GDPR AuditedWe can take charge of this process and do it all for you including the completion of your GDPR Workbook, which we will bring with us when the audit commences. For a one-off investment our consultants can complete the entire process.

To do this they will complete a GDPR audit of your practice including a detailed report of our findings and the completion of your GDPR Workbook.

The cost of an audit starts from £3,950 plus VAT. This includes the use of our GDPR compliance Workbook and access to our online knowledge base. To book an audit follow the link below. Initially, we will ask you to pay a booking fee of £600 plus VAT. The remainder of your fee will be invoiced by GDPR Auditing Ltd when the audit is completed: this will be evidenced by delivery of our report, and your completed Workbook.





What are our options if we manage the process?

If you want to want to adopt a supported DIY approach this is also catered for. Simply purchase, and work through, our GDPR self-assessment Workbook, complete with detailed guides. We will then verify that your self-assessment is adequate by reviewing your completed Workbook and providing you with an assessment report.

The initial cost is £600 plus VAT to secure a copy of our Workbook, this fee includes support and updates for 12 months from date of purchase. To complete the order you will be directed to Barclaycard payment services. On receipt of your payment we will prepare a branded version of our Workbook for your practice and email you a certified copy together your access details to use our online knowledge base.

When you are ready for us to verify that your work is adequate, contact us at and we will organise the collection of your completed workbook. GDPR Auditing Ltd will invoice you for the verification fee of £800 plus VAT when the verification report has been issued.




If you want to do it all yourself  choose the Self-Assessment kit

You simply purchase, and work through, our GDPR self-assessment workbook, complete with detailed guides.

If you decide at a later date you want us to check your work or outsource the process,  you can simply upgrade to the Verified or Audited service.

The cost of the Workbook is £600 plus VAT, this fee includes support and updates for 12 months from date of purchase. To complete the order you will be directed to Barclaycard payment services. On receipt of your payment we will prepare a branded version of our workbook for your practice and email you a certified copy together with access details to use our online knowledge base.






What you should do now


The clock is ticking.

All practices will need to have this work completed on or before 25 May 2018.

At a minimum, you should purchase the self-assessment pack, review in detail the work involved and timeline actions to complete before 25 May 2018. After consideration, if you would rather we did the work for you, simply request an upgrade to our Verified or Audited service.