Practitioner Help Line

Call Bob Edwards to discuss your options during this difficult period

Complimentary telephone support 

Our founder director, Bob Edwards, is offering practitioners telephone support to discuss their challenges and offer constructive, objective feed-back for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. There is no charge. Pick up the phone if you need to bounce ideas around or share your concerns.

Message from Bob Edwards

For the duration of the "COVID-19 National Emergency" I will be available to speak with practitioners between 1pm and 2pm most working days.

I will not be making a charge.

I am especially interested in hearing from sole practitioners who may not have a ready ear to listen to their concerns.

You may not be aware but I was in full-time practice for the best part of thirty years and I still take care of a few clients. However, the majority of my work-time is now spent networking with practitioners and developing resources for the profession.

I am a good listener and you can speak with me with the absolute confidence that I will preserve your confidentiality.

If you would rather speak out-of-hours that is also fine, but could you text me during the 1pm - 2pm slot with your contact details and your preferred call time. I will do my best to respond.


Uncertainty seems to have returned with a vengeance and none of us will be exempt from the consequences.

In spite of this, I remain optimistic and whenever possible, I believe that advisers can play a constructive part in helping clients face the coming challenges.

Stay well,

Best regards,

Bob Edwards FCCA - March 2020 -