Inside Story

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Landmark has created an independent website - Inside Story - where UK taxpayers can read about topical tax issues and observe why they should be wary of the apparent opportunities and likely pitfalls afforded. More importantly, visitors can leave comments and firms registered to comment can respond or add comments of their own.


How do we network with taxpayers?

Taxpayers will be encouraged to submit their own tax issues, "stories", and add their comments to other posts. Taxpayers' personal data will not be published on the site. Registered practitioners will be able to add their own comments and include their firm's contact details. In this way visitors to the site will be able to interact with practitioners. Additionally, the Inside Story site will have a tax panel directory, a list of firms who have registered with the site. This includes a short block "ad" linked to a more information page where site visitors can read more about the services you offer and how to get in touch. 

What about time-wasters? ALL comments added to posts will be adjudicated by the Landmark editorial team before being published to the site. This will eliminate phishing and other scamming activity and limit posts to those that display a genuine request for more information. Also, we will restrict posts from professional advisers to those whose are formally registered as members of our tax panel.

How will Landmark monetise this site? Taxpayers will be able to submit posts for publication on the site, add their comments to other posts and register to receive regular updates by email; there will be no charge levied by Landmark for these service options. Members of our tax panel, accountants and tax professionals, will pay a realistic quarterly fee (see more detail on this below).

How will the site be promoted? There will be a launch PR campaign linked to activity on FaceBook and other social media outlets. We will also be approaching leveraged organisations (Federation of Small Businesses for example) to recommend the site to their members.

Exclusivity for firms who register We are aware that competition between firms who are located in the same post code areas exists, and so, we will only allow registration by ONE firm sited in a specific location. So that the process is not over-complicated we will use the first half of the UK post code address of a firm's main office as the criteria. For example, a firm that registers with a post code address that starts with CV1 or M12 will secure exclusivity to that specific post code area.

What are the cost implications? We understand that until we can build a significant taxpayer subscriber list the opportunity for firms to pick up new leads will be limited. To acknowledge this, we will NOT charge a fee to register as a member of our tax panel until 1 April 2020. This should give us ample time to build a subscriber list and demonstrate to advisers that the process works. The amount of any quarterly fee payable, to stay registered as an adviser will depend on activity generated by 1 April 2020. Firms registered at that time will be given the choice to continue with their registration and pay, or cancel their participation.

Are firms limited to one license? Firms who have branch locations can register each address as a member of our tax panel. Please note, when we set a fee from April 2020, each branch would be charged separately.

How do we reserve our post-code slot? To reserve your post code location please follow the link below to register your firm. Please note we will deal with applications on a first come, first registered basis.

To acquire your exclusive license and trial this new opportunity with no initial cost

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