Tax Planning Road Map 2016-17


Multiple planning issues that need your client's and staff's consideration before 6 April 2017.

The format has changed slightly this year. Each section of the planning material is split into a short introduction and a detailed planning check list - all written in an easy to read style.

We have also extracted all the planning check lists and created a "Tax planning check lists 2016-17" that can be used as reference material by staff. This booklet contains over 70 planning points (3,500 words).

This is not a text book. The main document is a 6,000 word booklet that explains, or reveals, tax planning opportunities in an easy to read format. It is accompanied by abridged versions covering: personal tax, business tax and property tax issues. There are also numerous support documents that will ease the pain of contacting clients, prospects and referral sources about year end planning issues. There is even copy to explain the benefits of planning to staff.

Because the end of the tax year is fast approaching, this support pack should provide all you need to wake up the team and consider opportunities for selling planning consultancy to clients, and much more...

Download fact sheets and support documents here

Supplied with an open license, no copywrite restrictions, £70 plus VAT

The list of documents included in the support bundle include:

  • A Word copy of the Tax Planning Road Map 2016-17. Includes detailed notes and check lists. Easily branded with your logo and contact details before conversion to a PDF.
  • Abridged versions of the Road Map that highlight the main points for three distinct client groups: personal, business and property owners clients.
  • A draft email/letter to clients
  • A draft email/letter to prospects
  • A draft email/letter to referral sources
  • A covering email/letter to staff
  • Marketing ideas
  • A consolidated Tax planning check list for 2016-17

This support pack covers the basics of year end tax planning and provides enough material to set the ball rolling. In the end the advice you give clients will be governed by their particular circumstances.

The clock is ticking. There is enough material here to keep your tax department active until 6 April and beyond...

Download fact sheets and support documents here

An open license to use the material is available for a one-off payment of £70 plus VAT