New business offer 2022-23

Want to develop your practice? Promote advisory-led services? Overcome client resistence to advisory v compliance services?

We are prepared to offer you free use of our Fee Builder and blog copywriting services for three-months if you take up the discounted subscription to our Spotlight library for 2022-23.

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Spotlight content and resources provided are written in an accessible style and can be used in a variety of marketing applications to interest clients and prospects in the advisory-led services you provide, as well as compliance solutions.

Spotlight library 2022-23

Spotlight publications library


A subscription to Spotlight will provide you with 21 fact sheets that you can use to update clients and prospects on current, relevant tax and business development issues. New titles will be added each year and existing titles updated for year end changes.

We have also created a booklet that includes these 21 fact-sheets as chapters. An ideal giveaway to promote your practice to new prospects and clients.

The idea is to provide you with resources to promote "relevant" advisory services and establish your practice as experts in more than just compliance services.

The documents are supplied in a Word format that you can edit to include your logo and contact details or copy and paste content into other document or marketing platforms. See panel of titles below. Click on title banners to read more about each publication.

Subscribers can use the material with no copyright restrictions.


The annual subscription to Spotlight is £22O plus VAT. If you take up this offer today, we will apply a 20% discount to your first year's subscription.  This will reduce your investment to £176 plus VAT. PLUS you will have free use of our Fee Builder and blog copy for 3-months.

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Kay Merriman

Arrum Berlyn Gardner (ABG Group)

I have used the Spotlight content to produce not only client bulletins and blog posts, but have also produced explainer videos for social media and Youtube. The text is always clear and concise and saves us a considerable amount of time.

Ashleigh Coombes

George Hay Chartered Accountants

I find that the Spotlight publications are very clearly written, and tackle technical topics in layman’s terms. The factsheets cover a vast range of subjects and are crafted with both compliance and advisory in mind. I have found them very easy to adapt, to suit our own tonality and approach to working with businesses. The guides have also been useful for inspiring new ideas in respect of content development.


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(Also included in this offer)

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Business and tax planning handbook 2022-23

Business development & tax planning handbook 2022-23

We have consolidated the 21 fact-sheets into a 66 page e-booklet (20,000 words). A perfect giveaway to impress new prospects or newly acquired clients. You could also send existing clients a copy to promote interest in advisory services.

Make sure you send a copy to your staff; a perfect CPD reading resource and refresher on the types of additional services and areas of advice your practice can offer.

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Spotlight scope and implementation 2022-23

Spotlight scope and implementation 2022-23

This document sets out the features, benefits and application strategies you could use to make the most of your Spotlights’ publications

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We will set-up a secure dashboard where you can download weekly alerts and monthly marketing packs that will help you start the conversation with clients on the relevance and benefits of specific advisory services. In the April - June period covered by this offer we will cover:

  1. April 2022 - Business exit planning
  2. May 2022 - Landlords and MTD
  3. June 2022 - Tracking personal finances

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You would receive two articles a week that you could add to your blog/website or as email content for relevant clients. Topics covered in recent weeks include:

  1. Business and personal planning opportunities 2022-23
  2. Tax and donations
  3. Online sales tax

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