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Document exchange & GDPR

docSAFE is the clever way to work. For anyone working with a client base – those in the professions, creatives – in fact, just about any kind of business – you’ll wonder how you managed without it before. It’s contemporary and innovative but surprisingly simple. docSAFE is a client portal – an online office with lots of functionality and clever stuff.

We get most of our new business from referrals so we must be doing something right. docSAFE software is easy to use and quick to install. We offer personal support from the very start to make sure you get the most from docSAFE and everything it can offer.

What is docSAFE

Think of docSAFE as the way to revolutionise how you work. Unlike a revolution, docSAFE is an easy, hassle-free way to make things better. docSAFE is the most secure way to communicate, store and transfer sensitive information without any danger of falling foul of data protection legislation or ‘human error’ breaches of client confidentiality. Email was only ever developed for internal communications as it is just not secure enough to use outside of this environment.

docSAFE was developed as the ultimate system for security and client confidentiality. The electronic signature function is completely legal, compliant and has a full audit trail. docSAFE also means you can access vital information wherever you are – on the train, in a meeting or abroad.

Collaboration is made easy too – store one version of your documents in the portal and invite colleagues to work with you on one unique set and not by following a haphazard email trail.

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