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Become a Landmark Partner firm

Does your practice offer support on specific tax issues or other areas of concern for UK practitioners? Take a look at the benefits of becoming a Landmark Partner firm and promote these services to your fellow professionals.

Directory entries will be displayed with the earlier registrations at the top of the page.

The benefits of becoming a partner

Display ad on the Landmark Partner page linking to an information page about your firm

Information page copy will be based on text provided and can include testimonials from your practitioner clients

Partner firms can present articles for publication to the Landmark blog on topical issues. Articles will include accreditation and contact links. At least one article a month is guaranteed for publication

Where appropriate, Partner links will be added to Landmark publications that cover relevant specialist topics


Quarterly contract: £150 plus VAT per quarter

Annual contract: £480 plus VAT annually (a 20% discount)


Complete the simple form below or call us on 01723 363133 for further details. We'll be in touch within 24 hours.

Become a partner
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Do entries from practitioners imply a recommendation by Landmark?

No they do not. The Landmark disclaimer displayed on the Partner page says: Visitors to this page are reminded that any advice obtained or represented by the individuals and firms listed does not constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by Landmark Regions UK Ltd. Likewise, the views and opinions of the listed firms do not necessarily state or reflect the opinion of Landmark or its owners.

If I am an early adopter of this service will my listing on registration maintain its prominence on the page?

Yes, in fact, if firms listed above yours discontinue their registration then your position in the listings may improve. All you need to do is maintain your subscription.

Will I be locked into a long-term subscription?

No, you can cancel your Partner page subscription at any time.

What sort of topics would I be able to submit for publication on the Landmark blog?

Any subject matter that will help promote the services you offer to firms.

Will any blog content I submit be subject to edit by Landmark?

Landmark’s editors will cast their eye over articles submitted and reserve the right to make amends to improve readability. Any amends would be agreed with you prior to publication.

Can I start with a quarterly subscription and convert to an annual subscription?

Yes you can, no problem.