Small steps

When we start out in life, our urge to stand and walk is achieved on a progressive basis. First we stand and wobble, trying to stay balanced, and then take those landmark first steps.

It takes a few years before those initial shaky efforts at two legged progress develop into long walks and running.

The rest of this post discusses this analogy in terms of our ability to market and develop our practices.

Resources v implementation

There is a temptation to be bowled over by the need to acquire the resources to help you sell services to clients or to win over new clients. These might include valuable items such as client facing material on topical issues, material to promote your practice online – including social media – and other marketing deliverables.

The problem is, until you do something with these resources, they will rest unread, untended in your inbox or consigned to a hard-drive for later retrieval.

It has always been our contention that drowning practitioners with resources may create the opportunity for development, but until these resources are put to some use, implementation, the investment will be ineffective.

Chicken v egg conundrum

Recognising this, that resources without implementation are likely to have only marginal impact on practice development, we have created products for practitioners that include implementation support.

For example, our Fee Builder program provides you with alerts to send to clients and prospects that can be rebranded and sent to affected taxpayers with a minimum of effort. Fee Builder Plus also includes a monthly resource pack that leads with how each monthly strategy can be implemented.

In this way, we at Landmark place implementation on a par with acquisition of resources.

Resource to implement

In a final twist to this theme, perhaps the first thing you need to consider as you embark on planning practice development, is to fund and create the human resources that you will need to do the work of implementing the marketing resources you acquire.

We can help. Please email or call if you have an urge to take your first steps on the practice development ladder. We can supply the resources AND the advice to ensure that these resources are implemented.

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Bob Edwards

Bob has been working with practices across the UK offering novel ways to improve cross-sales and increase new client acquisitions. He is also interested in "step changes" in legislation that offer challenges, and therefore opportunities, for practitioners to provide new recurring and one-off support services to clients.

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