Trivial benefits - tax-free benefits 2021-22

The tax-free perks facilitated by the trivial benefits legislation are widely underutilised and many firms that do offer benefits based on the trivial benefits rules are not aware of the fine print that they need to comply with.

This publication covers:

  • Nature of the exemption
  • Contractual entitlement
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Reward for services
  • Season ticket trap
  • Top-up gift cards

Practical uses:

  • Send to all your company clients or employers. This may stimulate a review of their benefits planning for employers.
  • Add material to your website and drive traffic to the page using social media.
  • Send a copy to staff. Will update their understanding of the issues presented. You could also instruct them to send copies to any friends or family that may find the information useful.

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