Edwards Pearce & Co

Edwards Pearce a Landmark practice development partner

Introducing Edwards Pearce & Co, a team bringing together a marketing specialist – Laura Pearce –  with accountancy industry experience guided by Bob Edwards FCCA. We don’t have to learn about your industry, we already know it – and know how to get results.

If Carlsberg needed marketing firms specialising in accountancy and financial services, they would be knocking on our door.

Edwards Pearce & Co is like a perfectly-formed recipe for accountants hungry for growth, blended with ingredients essential for success, including bags of relevant experience, an abundance of knowledge and a sack-full of expertise.

Numbers are important to you, that’s why we engineer a return on investment on all our marketing tactics, whether it’s short or long term. What would be the point otherwise?
We were founded after recognising there was a gap in the market for dedicated accountancy marketing advice.

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