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If you need practical, rapid, up to date advice on VAT and Customs Duties from a Chartered Tax Advisor and former Senior Officer of HM Customs & Excise then give Colin Woodward a call. He provides Consultancy services to fellow professionals and businesses, both in the UK and overseas, on all aspects of VAT, Customs matters and other indirect taxes, either on a disclosed or non-disclosed basis.

VAT is a highly complex and often misunderstood tax and, being 20% of the value of most transactions, getting it wrong can be serious. VAT rules are so complex that few businesses have the resources needed to understand them in depth or to keep up to date. The rules facing your own business depend on your industry and your own particular circumstances. Negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs needs careful handling and is often contentious; large potential VAT costs, or indeed savings, are commonly at stake.

Barringtons has a specific VAT and Duties consultancy, provided by Colin Woodward, the VAT and Duties Director, who is also a Chartered Tax Advisor and a former Senior Officer of HM Customs & Excise. Consultancy services are provided to businesses, both in the UK and overseas, as well as fellow professionals on all aspects of VAT, Customs matters and other indirect taxes. This covers advice on transactions, thereby ensuring all taxes are kept to an absolute minimum, ‘disaster recovery’ situations and dealing with HM Revenue & Customs, whether as part of an investigation, or in negotiating the very best outcome. Customs services will be of interest to anyone who is dealing internationally and wants to understand the processes involved and, very importantly, Customs reliefs and other ways of keeping exposure to taxes and duties to an absolute minimum. Our aim is always to provide rapid, up to date and, very importantly, practical advice to all.
Areas of advice: Business tax planning. Personal tax planning. VAT. Property tax planning. HMRC investigations.

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