Profit extraction strategies support pack 2017-18

The incorporation of businesses to exploit the low salary, high dividend strategy is well-known and readilly adopted by avisors to reduce a client's exposure to income tax and NIC.  This support pack has two elements that will provide firms with a means to demonstrate this to clients and prospects. BONUS ITEM: we have added an Excel copy of our salary vs dividend calculator to this pack for 2017-18.

Download support files here

A multi-user, unrestricted license to access the material in this offer is available for a one-off payment of £54 plus VAT.

The 2017-18 pack includes:

Profit extraction files available 2017-18
A client fact sheet demonstrating the planning opportunities for profit extraction 2017-18
A Excel calculator that displays the difference between an all salary no dividend vs all dividend low salary route

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Download support files here

An open license to use the material in this pack is available for a one-off payment of £54 plus VAT