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Taxing Times

Publications to develop your practice in response to changing legislation

For the first time, our founder director Bob Edwards is making all his written material that provides strategies for turning changing and existing tax and other legislation into new opportunities for a single, annual subscription.

The blue-sky thinking has been done for you, cherry-pick the ideas you like and turn our resources into real gains in fee income.

Taxing Times satisfies one of the key missions of Landmark, to save you time. It does this by providing:

  • ideas to expand the range of services you offer, compliance and one-off specialist advice;
  • copy grounded in the legislation, but written in a non-technical format to provide easy-access to the strategies outlined;
  • fact sheets and other contact copy so you can copy and paste information to send to clients.

For less than £25 a month the service includes:

Ideas to offer one-off and recurring tax services based on areas of concern for clients:

  • Salary sacrifice
  • Estate planing
  • Property issues
  • Family matters
  • Business structure and profit extraction

Additionally, ideas are explored to provide new recurring services that address:

  • The developing Making Tax Digital legislation
  • The Criminal Finances Act 2017
  • The National Minimum Wage regulations
  • The GDPR
  • Selecting the best-fit VAT Scheme

Apart from the principal Taxing Times booklet – a must read for practitioners and staff - the service includes access to publications that were previously part of the Landmark Tax Library.

In total, there are ten additional fact sheets and information booklets, plus draft emails to send material to clients, prospects and referral sources.

Bonus content: access to ALL material from the Landmark Tax Library

The core documents

  • A quick start documentt to guide you through the wealth of publications provided.
  • TaxingTimes 2018-19: a 7,000-word booklet that covers fifteen topics, each topic offering several new planning opportunities for 2018-19, and a reminder of existing services, that with a little rebranding, still have legs. This is a must-read for practitioners and senior staff.
  • TaxingTimes 2018-19 fact sheet: an abridged version of the above that you can send to clients to promote planning services.
  • A client planning check 2018-19: a spreadsheet you can use to identify relevant planning objectives with clients. It is pre-populated with the ideas in TaxingTimes, but you could add your own services as well.

You will also receive:

  • Tax Planning Road Map: comprises 12 documents that encourage business, private clients and property owners to engage with tax saving strategies for 2018-19.
  • IHT planning check list: provides the questions and answers to promote estate planning with wealthy clients.
  • Extraction of company funds: a factsheet you could send to clients or prospects to provide basic information on the strategies that can be employed.
  • Business structure: fact sheets that provide an overview of the pros and cons of incorporation v self-employment.
  • Making Tax Digital: a fact sheet and 3 covering email/letters that you can use to send to various client groups.
  • Starting a new business: a booklet that sets out the issues that need to be addressed when setting up a new business.
  • What HMRC won’t tell you: a factsheet that emphasises the value of tax planning advice as HMRC will not advise taxpayers how to save tax.
  • GDPR guidance: a factsheet you could send to clients or prospects that sets out the main issues that need to be addressed.
  • 20 Q&As and how we can help: an 8,000-word booklet that explains in more detail 20 topics (for example, should I buy or lease a company vehicle…) topics that over 60 firms advised were frequently asked by clients. This is bundled with 7 additional email/letter templates that you could use to send the booklet to clients, prospects, referral sources and your staff (the booklet is an easy to read reminder for staff that interact with clients, the copy provides the answers to clients’ questions).
  • Criminal Finances Act 2017: an update for practitioners on the impact of the 2017 Act. Includes a client and staff update document.


The bundle of documents that make up Taxing Times are provided for
an annual subscription of ONLY £297 plus VAT.


Can I edit the documents?

All the documents are open source – no copyright restrictions. You can change the design, layout or the actual copy to best represent your own preferences or those of your marketing agents.

Can I add content to my website?

Indeed, you can. Feel free to use any of the content. No restrictions.

Will Landmark be adding more content to this service?

Bob Edwards is currently investigating new topics to include. Unless there is a major change in legislation before April 2019, these new elements will be added for the 2019-20 edition, available to subscribers from April 2019.

Will I be locked into a long-term subscription?

Most definitely not. When you sign up to access the 2018-19 TaxingTimes bundle, your subscription will automatically renew April 2019 unless we receive prior notice to cancel your subscription.

What if I can’t use the material?

We offer a 7-day refund guarantee. If you find there is no value to your practice in all the various documents we provide, we will refund your subscription in full.

How do I access the various files?

Once you have submitted your order form and completed the GoCardless direct debit mandate to settle your subscription, we will transfer the files via Landmark’s secure WeTransfer facility. This should be a same day service.