TV channel for your practice?

Many practitioners harbour an obsession with Google page rankings. In fact, many pay a fortune to maintain a page one listing. They may like to reconsider their options.

As of December 2015, YouTube attracts more visitors than Google. Why, you might add, does this matter? It matters because it illustrates a trend towards seeking information in a video, rather than a text format. My research points to a readiness to watch and listen rather than watch and read. The former suits our drift towards passive engagement with data rather than the active, pouring through text activity to which we are accustomed.

Consider these stats:

Today, I entered the following search criteria in Google: “accountants UK”, there were about 35,300,000 results. I then entered the same search terms in YouTube, 96,400 results. On the first page of the YouTube results only two videos were posted by firms actively promoting themselves as accountants in the UK. And a quick reminder, YouTube is regularly attracting more visitors than Google.

In my opinion, these numbers point to opportunity: why aren’t more accountancy firms posting promotional videos to YouTube?

The classic response to advertising your firm’s presence on the internet is a website, most firms have a website. A growing number of firms also have a FaceBook page. Very few firms have a YouTube channel. The phrase is well-chosen, a YouTube website is called a “channel”, basically a page where you list your video offerings; I like the idea that we can all have a TV channel, one that we can dial to from any browser, and that provides viewers with compelling ideas and information that helps to solve tax-payers problems in a video format.

And I’m not saying that websites or FaceBook have had their day, far from it, what I am suggesting is that a YouTube channel for your practice may be a worthwhile add-on to your online promotional activity.

I am building a Landmark YouTube channel, and I am going to increase the number of branded videos that we offer to firms on a variety of tax and business development issues. I will use the channel to promote the ideas introduced today and eventually, will provide help and support to build practice YouTube channels, if required. It is also worth mentioning that YouTube channels can be monetized… More on this in future posts to this blog.

As a bonus, video content can also be uploaded to your website or FaceBook page, ironically, this will also stimulate the Google algorithms and lift your Google page rankings.

Take a look at our new video offerings for accountants; they can be branded for your practice and add interest to your website. The service is called TaxBox and the first video due for release 1 July 2017, will answer the question “How will I be affected by Making Tax Digital?”.

Bob Edwards

Bob has been working with practices across the UK offering novel ways to improve cross-sales and increase new client acquisitions. He is also interested in "step changes" in legislation that offer challenges, and therefore opportunities, for practitioners to provide new recurring and one-off support services to clients.

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