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I have created an online repository where you can download a copy of all my support packs and calculators for 2017-18.

It’s called the LANDMARK TAX LIBRARY 2017-18.


A list of the current contents are displayed below.


  1. TAX PLANNING ROAD MAP 2017-18This is our comprehensive tax planning bundle for 2017-18. Multiple planning issues that will need your client’s and staff’s consideration before 6 April 2018. Each section of the planning material is split into a short introduction and a detailed planning check list – all written in an easy to read style. We have also extracted all the planning check lists and created a “Tax planning check lists 2017-18” that can be used as reference material by staff. This booklet contains over 70 planning points (3,500 words).
  2. TAX CALCULATOR BUNDLE 2017-18We have created eleven tax and business development calculators for 2017-18. They include a mix of business tax, business development, personal tax and property tax issues and can be used to estimate liabilities and illustrate the benefits or otherwise of options available. The bundle is consolidated into an Excel file.
  3. MAKING TAX DIGITAL – be preparedWe now know that MTD will be happening from April 2018. The implementation timetable has been relaxed, all-be-it slightly, but we need to ready ourselves for the transformation from self assessment. This support pack will take you through the consultations, responses and legislation to identify what needs to be done before 6 April 2018, and outlines the opportunities to re-imagine and provide relevant support services for clients from this date.
  4. BUSINESS STATUS PLANNING 2017-18This support pack provides backup material to advise clients with business status choices: for example, sole trader vs limited company alternatives. If you are looking for material to present to clients, or inform your partners and staff regarding these issues, this bundle of documents should provide what you need. BONUS ITEM a spreadsheet calculator to workout the best-fit status for your clients.
  5. COMPANY PROFIT EXTRACTION STRATEGIES 2017-18The mechanics of the calculations are well known, basically, even with the reduction of the dividend allowance next year, a low-salary high dividend approach usually minimises tax and NIC costs for director shareholders. What is not so easy is demonstrating these benefits in an easy to absorb format for clients. Our support pack on this issuse provides a client facing booklet and the use of our 2017-18 “salary vs dividend” calculator.
  6. 20 QUESTIONS BOOKLET 2017-18Solving clients’ problems by providing appropriate services is a win-win outcome: it’s how we build our practices and help our clients prosper. Take a closer look at the opportunities this publication offers. The 20 questions were sourced from ideas provided by over 80 firms.
  7. WHAT HMRC WON’T TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR TAXThis short booklet will remind clients why they should seek professional advice. It highlights the age old conundrum that it’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that has a radical adverse affect on your situation. HMRC will inform taxpayers, but only if asked!
  8. SPRING BUDGET 2017 – CLIENT BOOKLETThis booklet does not list the various budget changes by rote, rather, we have attempted to focus on those issues that highlight opportunities or challenges for small businesses, property rental businesses and higher rate tax payers.
  9. CLIENT INFORMATION BOOKLETS 2017-18We have bundled all the client booklets for 2017-18 and made them available in this offering.

You can purchase these items individually from the landmark website, or you can access them all for £297 plus VAT, a 50% discount. Any new items added during the tax year will be included.

Bob Edwards

Bob has been working with practices across the UK offering novel ways to improve cross-sales and increase new client acquisitions. He is also interested in "step changes" in legislation that offer challenges, and therefore opportunities, for practitioners to provide new recurring and one-off support services to clients.

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