Why Invest in An Accountancy Franchise?

This post has been provided by Bracey’s Accountants who are developing an accountancy franchise in the UK.

Firstly, let’s talk numbers, we are accountants after all. Over half of all UK franchises achieve turnover in excess of £250,000. 97% of the franchisees surveyed were profitable. So, we’ve got some solid foundations for success. If you’re ambitious, motivated and keen to run your own accountancy practice, this article will give you the inside scoop.

Primary reasons

You can be up and running quickly. It can take years to set up a successful business with setbacks along the way – you can short cut those – rather painful – lessons and set up with ease. Also, your earning potential isn’t limited by the usual costs and pitfalls associated with starting a firm from scratch. Oh, and a key thing to mention here, you’ve got the appetite, stamina and determination. Irrespective of cost savings, you need the right attitude to run a successful franchise.

Specific pre-launch benefits

Whilst we can’t speak about every accountancy franchise available, we know that at Bracey’s Accountants, you’ll receive

  • Support systems such as website, software, regulation-complaint procedures and manuals
  • Exclusive territory.
  • Branding, logos, merchandise.
  • Email address set up and working with support.
  • Fully optimised website driving leads to your inbox.
  • Xero Gold status immediately.
  • Training and support

On-going benefits

Yes, you’ll be set up for success, but we know that doesn’t mean the challenges are over. You are running your own firm after all. Having worked closely with our franchisees, we know what you need in place to continue to be successful. This includes:

  • Speaking with colleagues who have been through the start-up franchise process.
  • Access to marketing and PR advice from a proven and specialist external agency.
  • The experience and in-house team for pitching to large clients who would be inaccessible to an independent one-man band.
  • Ability to offer specialist services to your clients.
  • Support with meeting client deadlines when you’re busy.
  • Help to keep your business running in an emergency.
  • Constant review of all procedures to keep up with regulatory changes. You don’t have to worry about finding the solution, we do the research, design a system and test it for you.

If you’d like to know more about franchising at Bracey’s, visit www.braceys-franchise.co.uk or contact our Franchise Manager on 01462 413249

Bob Edwards

Bob has been working with practices across the UK offering novel ways to improve cross-sales and increase new client acquisitions. He is also interested in "step changes" in legislation that offer challenges, and therefore opportunities, for practitioners to provide new recurring and one-off support services to clients.

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