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The next time a client or prospect asks you a tricky tax question out of office, make sure you have our WorkOut web-app on your phone or portable device

A web app alternative to complicated spreadsheet style calculators.

Simple data input, view instant reports.

A useful toolbox to add to partners and staff phones, tablets or PCs

As a bonus, you can add WorkOut to your website and, with targeted marketing, encourage users to contact your firm for more advice

Watch our video to see the benefits for your firm

“This looks really impressive and more to the point very practical…”

Martin Denison

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Try out two of the WorkOut features here

Added extra - a call back feature

At the bottom of each calculator we have added a call-back feature. Why would you use this?

If you are out with a client or prospect you might discuss a tax planning issue by using a WorkOut calculator. When you are finished you could quickly add your own email to the call back feature and our systems will automatically send you a link to the calculator you have just used and pre-populate with the data you entered. In this way you can access the details from your PC and pick up where you left off.

The same process would apply if you wanted to send a link to a client, or if a website visitor wanted a call-back.



We have listed below a few of the questions that firm's have asked regarding WorkOut.

Please contact us if you need more information.

Do you offer a free trial? 05/02/2017

To grow the WorkOut user group we have decided to offer free use of the launch, 2016-17 version. The various calculators will be updated 15 April 2017, to include tax changes for 2017-18. Consequently, firms that sign up prior to 15 April 2017, will not be invoiced until that date, or 14 days after their signup if that is a later date. From 15 April 2017, we will offer a standard 14 day free trial period.

How often are the calculators updated? And how much does this cost? 19/11/2016

We aim to update within four weeks of the Budget announcements in March each year. If legislation changes during the tax year, again we will aim to change formulas within four weeks. There is no additional cost for updates, they are covered in your subscription.

How easy is it to add WorkOut to my phone or tablet? 19/11/2016

All you need to do is follow the link we send you and this will open your version of WorkOut. At the bottom of the WorkOut home page are clear instructions. Basically, three clicks and your WorkOut icon will be added to your device.

It would be useful to capture the entries I make on a calculator, so that I can reconsider the implications for a client or prospect when I get back to the office. Can I do this? 19/11/2016

Yes you can. All you need to do is click the "Like to discuss these numbers link", add your name and email address, and a link to the calculator display will be emailed to you. When you get back to the office simply click on the link in the email to reconsider the options.

What if I meet someone out of the office or at a social event and they are interested in having more information after seeing a snap shot of their tax position on WorkOut? 19/11/2016

This can be accommodated by clicking on the "like to discuss these numbers" button, add the person's name, email address and phone number and submit. Your prospect will receive a link to the WorkOut display you were considering and a copy will be sent to your mail box with your prospect's contact details.

How much is the WorkOut subscription? 19/11/2016

There are two options. A monthly contract, 30 days cancellation, £44 per month plus VAT, or an annual contract £440 plus VAT. The annual contract is more financially beneficial, an effective 20% discount compared to the monthly contract. You can start with a monthly contract and convert to an annual contract at any time. In both cases payment is taken by GoCardless direct debit payments.

Like to join the WorkOut user group?

Simple GoCardless payment process - select monthly or annual subscription below. No fees payable until 15 April 2017 when WorkOut will be updated for 2017-18.